Can you write ONE spin-able article?  Then you can get 100 to 200 Backlinks.  How To Get It Free is what this post is about.

If you tried building (a 100) backlinks manually using different methods, i.e. article submissions, blog commenting, profile creations, etc., then you know it takes lots of work and time, especially if you build it “naturally.”  And as you probably know, it’s so time consuming that eventually you’ll think of just paying for a link building service (like SEOlinkVine or Unique Article Wizard.)

Backlinks How To Get It Free ImageSTOP!  There is a free method you can use to revive a beaten down site.

Do these back link building services work?  Yes, otherwise no one would be paying that hefty  monthly fee.  But, with paid services your link building never stops.  With this free method, the most back links you can get is 3000-6000 per site (not bad for free), but you have to write 30 articles to get that kind of backlinks.  And the toughest part, as you’ll find out, is to write an article that, when spun, will come out unique in Google’s eyes.

Before reading on, you will NEED:

A site of your own where you can get access to the back (because you will have to create ONE directory/folder and upload ONE file).  If you got a site, read on.

The question is why haven’t you seen your site on page 1 of Google?  If you implemented good on-page SEO and did a little link building and feel like there’s no hope, then maybe having 100-200 backlinks from ONE article might do the trick.

It’s a great feeling to FINALLY see your site/web page creeping up closer and closer to page 1 of Google.  That will open up a HECK of a lot of possibilities in terms of making money as an internet/affiliate marketer.

NOTE: My site creeped up one spot to #5 (above Google’s YouTube results page) in about 1-2 weeks BUT I DID NOT EVEN WRITE ONE ARTICLE YET (and it’s probably b/c I only did the one required step since I didn’t build any more back links)

Anyway, once you reach page 1 and ideally, of course, #1, you could start tweaking your site/ landing page to convert visitors into money.  Or you could sell advertising space on that site to people who can’t get to the top of Google.  Basically, you would now be and SEO EXPERT!

OK, enough of what I experienced and let me try and explain how this all works.

As I mentioned, all you will need is:

1. Your own site where you can get access to the files/folders.  And, it has to be a family friendly website. In other words, no sex sites, gambling sites, drugs sites, etc.

Got that?  Then you’re good to go.

Helpful But Not Required (because there are tutorials)

1. Knowledge of how to create a directory/folder on your website and upload a file.

How To Build Backlinks: How To Get It Free

Step 1: You will create a new directory/folder on your site.  This is going to be your own article directory, like eZinearticles or Goarticles.  This part of your site can be customized differently from your main site and you can even put AdSense on it to monitize it)

Every member must do this so that a network of article directories (websites) is created.  Now, when you write a spinable article, each unique article will be distributed within this network and you will get up to 100 to 200 backlinks (for free members).

NOTE: this is the only step I did (I created a directory/folder) when I saw my site creep up one spot within a week or two.

Step 2: Write an article that is spinable.  This means you will put in variations of words, phrases, and/or sentences so that when spun will come out unique in the eyes of Google.  THEY REALLY EMPHASIZE UNIQUENESS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL MEMBERS!   This is the hardest part of the system because if your article is not unique enough, the system will automatically tell you you need to come up with more word / phrase variations.

When you get that “Sorry, not enough variations…” message pop up when trying to submit your article, it can be frustrating.  But remember your only other options.  You could pay someone else to write a spinable article (they charge $3 for that service) or go create a 100-200 back links manually.

Once you pass the automatic filter, a human will read your submitted article.  They will spin a few and read it.  If various versions of you article is humanly readable, they will approve it.

QUALITY is what this system/service is all about.  And that is good for everyone in this network, including YOU.

The system will now spin your article and put that one UNIQUE article on someones website (their article directory…remember that directory/folder that everyone must create?  This is where your (unique) articles are going.  This is article syndication /distribution.

Then will will spin your article again and distribute it to another member’s site/article directory.  This is another UNIQUE article of yours out there, getting you a back link.  That person is getting UNIQUE content on his ‘article dirctory’ part of his site (just like you will be,too) AND you are getting a backlink from a UNIQUE article out there.

Now do you see why they emphasize QUALITY?  You and others will benefit.


When you click over to this article link building page, MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE  FREE SILVER MEMBERSHIP near the bottom.

If you have any question, use the contact link on this site (or for Wealthy Affilaitate members, you can PM me)  Start getting those back links!

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