When I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, I became obsessed with figuring out ways to achieve financial freedom.  I was not only interested in ways to make passive income, but ways to protect your wealth as well.  One of the subjects I looked into was health insurance solutions (the video below provides an eye-opening solution.

When I heard that about 50% of all bankruptcies were due to medical expenses, I wasn’t too surprised considering the cost of healthcare.

BUT, when I found out that 75% of those bankruptcies came from people who HAD MEDICAL INSURANCE, I needed to find out how that could be.  After all, shouldn’t we feel protected if we have medical insurance from our employer?

You’ll be SHOCKED when you hear the answer in this video:

Creating enough passive income of some sort is great if you want to retire early, but you should at least create enough to pay for health insurance that is dependent on your employer.  This should be part of a comprehensive wealth protection plan.

Whether you choose to do it by investing in real estate, a brick and mortar business, or an  online business, do it for the sake of peace of mind and a wealth protection plan.

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