It really doesn’t take much to find great careers without a degree. If you can truly identify your personal interests and desires, you have what it takes to finding a fulfilling career.  And, with the advent of the internet, even more opportunities are possible.  As you will see, a degree is not necessary to find a satisfying career and to make A LOT of money.

Like any career, on-line or off-line, it will take actual “nose to the grind” work to become good enough in your chosen field and start making real money.  This is why you need that personal interest to keep you going when the inevitable obstacle sneaks up.

If you go the off line route, you may think finding great careers without a degree is difficult, but the stats say otherwise.  For one thing, according to financial expert Dave Ramsey, more than half of the jobs in America (64%) are created by small businesses (500 employees or less), a lot of which really look more at how you carry yourself, who you are as a person, and if you know things that will help you get the job done.

And only about 3-4% of jobs base their decision on your degree, not if you can actually get the job done.  This is not to say a college degree is worthless.  Rather, it is more important that you educate yourself in something that will allow you to go out on your own and do the job (which in turn will bring home real money).

It gets even easier when you start looking for a career as an on-line entrepreneur.  There are lots of GREAT careers for the online entrepreneur that don’t require a degree.  Blogging, Internet Marketing, and Building and/or Flipping Websites are just some of the possibilities.

Lessons From Three Multi-Millionaires On How They Made A Lot Of Money Without A Degree

1. Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most influential architects in the twentieth century, never even attended high school.  But, one of the things that made him successful was that he never spent more time bragging about his one piece of work (through various forms of self-promotion).  Rather, he spent most of his time DOING work.

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen” – Frank Lloyd Wright

2. Rachael Ray, one of the most widely known names in the food industry, never even got a degree in the culinary arts!  Yet, she some how appeared on numerous Food Network shows and talk shows.

How did she find herself in a career within the food industry without formal culinary training?  Well, her success just proves that all you need is a passion for something and you can succeed on our own terms.

She met problems with optimism and solutions instead of fear and doubt, and that kept her going.  After all, lots of practice makes “perfect.”

3. Michael Dell, founder of multi-million dollar computer company Dell, Inc., learned at the age of 12 that if you have a good idea, it pays to do something about it.  For example, while working for a newspaper company, he noticed something while making cold calls to prospective customers.  It was the newlyweds and new homeowners that were buying most of the subscriptions.  So, he did something.  He hired some of his buddies to look for these two types of people.  Then, instead of just calling these people to try and sell them subscriptions, he created personalized handwritten letters for them.  He made $18,000 that year at the age of 16, more than his school teacher.

At the age of 19, with just $1,000 of start up capital and a desire for fulfilling his idea, he did the “unthinkable.”  He dropped out of the University of Texas and pursued his dream, with no college degree.  It took him 7 years to become the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

If you identify your true desires, your passion, and you work at learning something well enough so that you can execute it, you can find many great careers without a degree.

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