The more traffic your webpage gets, the more chances you have making money, right (assuming you’re monetizing it somehow)?  So, in this blog post “How To Improve A Website3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now” I will show some easy things that can only make your website better, period!  And when I say better, I mean making it more appealing to Google so that it improves your search engine rankings and/or make people find you easier.  OK, here we go.

1. Add Pictures – adding pictures accomplishes 2 things, IF YOU DO IT RIGHT (and 1 thing, if you don’t).  The first thing it does is make your webpage more appealing to your visitors.  And here’s a bonus tip: Use the picture as a reference and you will keep your visitor engaged longer, which is what Google loves to “see.”

For example, if you’re using a Firefox or Opera browser hover over the image below and read the message that comes up.

How To Improve A Website Image

The second thing images do is give the searcher another way to find your webpage, IF you do the following.  Put your keyword in the <img> tag alt attribute.  If you use WordPress, there is a field box called “Alt” that you can fill in when inserting an image in a post or page.  Simply type in your keyword and the word “image,” “photo,” “picutre,” or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Images get indexed by Google too and it just might pop up if someone is using image search.  If you know HTML, here’s what I mean by putting your keyword in the alt attribute:

<img src=”The URL Where Your Image Is Located” alt=”PUT YOUR KEYWORD HERE” />

2. Add  Video – staying on the subject of engaging your visitor, what better way to do this than with videos?  People love to watch videos.  So, simply put a relevant video on your webpage and tell the visitor why they should watch it.   If you don’t have a video, borrow one from YouTube or some other video sharing site.  Most of you know how to do this already, but for those that don’t, I’ve attached an image below to show you how to embed a video on your site.

How To Improve A Website Image 01

3. And the best way to improve your website is go to  From making your site look nicer, load faster, get more traffic, and, of course, make more money, Justin and Chaunna Brooke do it ALL.  Watch the video, then see how will improve your website.  (I met Justin in a members only site, and he was very helpful when I had questions.  And, he does this for a living so he knows what he’s talking about…so check out his site now).

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