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website moving service imageIf you are looking for a moving website service, I have a recommendation.

I was in Wealthy Affiliate University watching a video on how to transfer a website to a different domain and host.  The video was created by a long time Wealthy Affiliate member, Craig Smith.  He not only owns his own business  but is also very knowledgeable when it comes to moving a website.

Since my situation was a little different than what the video talked about I had to do more research on my own to move a site.  And since there are many parts that interlink in a website, one little missing part will render the whole website useless!


Craig And His “Geeky” Website Skills To The Rescue


After trying 3 times, I could not get the darn site to show up on my domain!

And this is where Craig’s knowledge, patience, and superb service came in.  He has been helping me with wordpress plugin problems for several days already, and yet, he offered to help me get my site working on a new domain (that required a work around to get to the hosting control panel area mind you)!

Long story short, I emailed him my data and wordpress files with my FTP login information and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and found a message inside  Wealthy Affiliate from Craig.  And, just like magic, it said, “Fixed!”

I typed in my domain and there it was, just like I imaged it.

I can’t say enough good things about Craig.  He’s very patient, generous, kind, hard working, creative, and knowledgeable!

If you buy websites or just want to move your own website to a new host, I highly recommend Craig Smith.  He has provided many tutorials on the technical side of websites so you know this is his area of interest.

You can read more about Craig and view some of his tutorials and blog posts here   >>> this is a protected members only site so you may have to register (FREE) to contact Craig about his website moving service.

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