The avenue to wealth in tough times call for some refocusing on certain areas in your financial life.  Here’s the situation. The government has financial problems (in case you didn’t know).  Their bills are more than what’s coming in.  What are they going to do?  It will be a combination of cutting their expenses, i.e. […]

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When you go shopping for a car, do you compare just the purchase price and fuel economy?  Most of us do, and that’s very smart.  But, not many of us consider another cost that recurs month after month…Insurance. Think Before You Buy If you are ready to buy a car, hang on just one second.  […]

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Whether you’re investing your retirement money or your discretionary money in the stock market, you obviously want to make that money grow.  So, after over a decade of experience, here’s a tip that will make the stock market for beginners a lot less stressful in terms of losing all that money.  THIS WOULD HAVE SAVED […]

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