Affiliate Marketing On the Internet Image 1Have you ever created a web page, drove traffic to it, and wondered why that traffic never converted into any money?  Affiliate marketing on the internet can be a legitimate business that can bring in steady passive income…IF done the right way.

It’s real easy to fall for the “easy money” sales pitch.  To be fair, maybe it was easy for the person selling the course because THEY knew the correct process of affiliate marketing.  But for most people, they think just putting up web page with affiliate links will bring them riches.  They’ll eventually realize that it’s something more than that.

What if you knew what those wealthy affiliates knew, and from this point forward you built each and every campaign (income stream) a certain way on purpose?  Wouldn’t it make a big difference in your confidence, the time saved, and your bottom line when your success rate (conversions) doubles, triples, or who knows…Affiliate Marketing On the Internet Image 2

Million dollar companies do something that make them A LOT of money, and you can too…but withOUT risking millions up front.

After reading countless internet marketing books, trying different courses, and attending affiliate marketing school, the missing ingredient finally “hit me” (and it “only” took me 3 years – better late than never).

The information you’re about to get gives the ordinary person a realistic opportunity to one day walk into their bosses office, hand in their two-weeks notice, and create a lifestyle that offers freedom…freedom to create money wherever and whenever they want.

The “Invest A Million Dollars And Give It For Free” Business Model Internet Marketers Can Copy…WITHOUT The Million Dollar Investment

Be honest.  Would you risk investing a million dollars (and your time) hiring employees, paying for equipment and other expenses, just to develop a product/service you GAVE AWAY FOR FREE?…Only if you were really confident you’d get a really good return on investment, right?

Affiliate Marketing On the Internet Image 3Well, real companies actually do such a thing, so you know the model works.

Sooooo,  Affiliates, PAY ATTENTION to this important lesson!

If you want to be more than a “recreational” affiliate marketer and someday quit your 9-5 job, copy this “Give it for Free” business model.

A  company named was one such company that knew how to apply the “missing piece” that most affiliate marketers don’t know about.  Basically, they provided their users a fast, patent-pending solution to budget their money, all for FREE.

If you keep track of your money, you know how time consuming it can be to keep all your accounts updated, balanced, and synced with your budget.  Now if somebody offered a service that would track your spending, wouldn’t you be interested in checking out that free service?

Well, as you can imagine, this service was so valuable (hint hint) that over a half a million users signed up for their free service the first year.  Their business model was so successful that Intuit eventually acquired them.  Again, affiliates, it works!

So how does this “Give for Free” business model make money and relate to you becoming a wealthy affiliate?

Well, here are the 4 Steps they followed, and step 2 is what went above and beyond and that’s why they make bank!


STEP 1. Target a market dying to solve a problem or are in a painful predicament.Affiliate Marketing On the Internet Image 4

Basically, they have an intense desire to fulfill something.( knew people needed to keep track of their finances but neither had the time nor inclination to keep track of everything manually.  This was their markets problem.  And, who wouldn’t desire to be in control of their money if it can help them gain financial freedom?)

STEP 2. Provide something of great value on your website / article/ landing page

(Now, went above and beyond by giving their users a simple and free way to manage their money, which HELPED them realize their true financial situation).  You don’t have to invest millions like they did, but you DO have to PROVIDE SOMETHING VALUABLE, i.e. content that HELPS the visitor make a good buying decision, a free tool, etc.)

Let me repeat that again because this is the lesson I’ve seen preached by professional affiliate marketers but it never “hit me” until I read about’s business model.  They provided something that offered REAL VALUE!  They HELPED users get in touch with their finances.  Now, the users have a clear picture about where they stand financially, and are “primed”, “warmed up” and “ready to buy” products and services that will benefit them financially.  See how helping works?

STEP 3. Provide them the perfect product(s) that will help them fulfill their desire(s).

STEP 4. Bring targeted visitors to your site

( had a “big time” service so a bunch of their traffic came by word of mouth.  Most affiliate marketers will not start off offering a product / service so they must get their content in front of their target market through Pay Per Click (PPC), other means of advertising, free article marketing, etc.

Now you know what all your campaign’s been missing so follow these 4 steps on your next campaign (or fix your old ones) and watch your conversion rate double, triple, quadruple … try it and see your own results.

Welcome My Fellow Wealthy Affiliate Members: Here’s The Gold-Mine Inside WA

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*Wondering if you really can make money online?  ABSOLUTELY.  Just don’t expect to quit your job overnight (like all the sales pages tell you).   Here’s a FREE Tutorial.   

OK members, here are the steps again and where to look for it within WA (hint: Try it, you’re paying for all this gold!)

Step 1: How To Find a Market That’s Dying To Solve a Problem:

Also, you could “cheat” to get money faster if you do this.  Check out this tutorial:

Step 2: Provide Something of Value

This can come in the form of helpful content.  It could be ways to make the most out of a product/service.  It could be cool hacks.  It could be information on what to look for when buying a particular product (and your affiliate product is just that product), etc.

Read Travis’ thread “$100k a year… With BrainGasmic Content (NEW POST)

This can also come in the form of providing your visitor a (unique) bonus if they purchase from your site (affiliate link).  It could be a video (or a video eBook with links to videos) on how to do certain things with the product you’re promoting.  Wouldn’t you be happy getting this with your purchase?  Amazon doesn’t do this, but your site does!  I would buy from your site:)

If you’re promoting WA, here are two .pdf’s Kyle authorized to give as a bonus:

If you have the eBook “Who Loves Money” then check out the section “Offer a Bonus Right Now.”  If you don’t, you could try asking Kyle or Carson if you could see that part of the eBook because you could have gotten it as a bonus for becoming a WA member here.

Step 3: You Must Match The Perfect Product With Your Audience

Go to this Forum Thread, scroll down an read what Travis says about matching products with people:

Then, click the ‘Bum Marketing…’ link Travis provided and read the section “How To Get The Most From Niche Factors That Never Fail.”

Step 4: Get Targeted Visitors To Your Site

Free Traffic is always popular with newbies.  So, here’s a tutorial written just for you:

Invest $10 to get massive article distribution.  See this tutorial:

Want TARGETED, BUYING, REAL CASH GENERATING traffic lightning fast?  You have to check out this post in the forum and pay attention to what member Leo_Emery says (Warning: free method is a hit or miss venture but paid tool makes you hit your target the first time):

If you’re done “experimenting” with free sites (which are at the mercy of that sites ever changing rules regarding affiliate links and allowed niches) and want to own your own virtual real estate, take advantage of Wealthy Affiliates “WordPress Express.”  All you need is to purchase a domain name (about $2-$12 a YEAR) and you can get your own WordPress site up fast.

This tutorial shows you 10 things you can do to get targeted traffic to your site (Read this first BEFORE buying a domain name):


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