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Hi referrals (or any Wealthy Affiliate Premium member)!  This is a pretty cool trick provided by Jay “magistudios” so be sure to thank him after watching the webinar.

There is a simple hack for the Google Analytics Search Not Provided Keyword problem that has been driving many SEO and  Internet Marketers nuts.

But, thanks to Jay you can come up with a pretty close guess as to what keywords are hiding behind that notorious “(not provided)” data Google Analytics is giving us.


analytics search not provided image 01


Click this link and watch the webinar to find out how to set up this workaround hack to figuring out what’s behind that irritating “(not provided)” data.  It’s about 25 minutes into the webinar if that’s all you want.

If you want to watch the webinar later here’s how you can find it within the member’s area:


analytics search not provided image 2


Again, webinar is playing here.

Enjoy your new found data!



Here are some Economic Quotes By Famous People I’ve collected over the years.  Let the quote or quotes inspire you to take some kind of action today.  Enjoy and have fun creating freedom for you and your family!



Economic Quotes by Famous People Image



Economic Quotes by Famous People Image


Economic Quotes by Famous People Image




Economic Quotes by Famous People Image



Economic Quotes by Famous People Image

Thank you “peasap” for the use of this beautiful image


Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People Giving Image


Economic Quotes by Famous People on Networking



Economic Quotes by Famous People


Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People Image



 Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People Real Friends



Economic Quotes by Famous People Less Wants Faster Freedom



 Economic Quotes by Famous People Big Library Small TV




Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Before You Lessons



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Self-Education



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Eternal Wealth


Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Genius 16



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Appreciation 17



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People find something to Die For and you will find something  to live for



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People New Experience Expands Mind



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Invest in Knowledge and you will get the best interest




If you lost your job, your house and all your savings, would you know how to become Financially Free again?  If so, you have  TRUE WEALTH.

Yes, Financial Freedom can be achieved even with a minimum wage job.  That’s because you know how to live within your means, and what tools you need to create passive income.  If you can convey your knowledge of how to create an income stream, you will have NO problem finding the capital to finance your venture.  LEARN HOW to do it with the power of the internet, then TRY IT until you succeed!











A quick post on a How To Build a WordPress Website Tutorial.  I guarantee you it’s going to be the easiest way you’ve ever built a WordPress site!  (HINT: 5 Clicks…COOL!)

If you have the right tools, getting a job done will be easy for you.  You can charge people that don’t have this tool because it’s more difficult for them to complete.

I’m going to show exactly where you can find this tutorial so you can build your wordpress site in under 5 minutes.

NOTE: you do NOT have to have the paid Premium account.  This all can be done with the FREE Starter account.

OK, if you’re a picture and text kind of person, go to this  WordPress Builder Tutorial.

(the tutorial says to go to the “Build Website” area, but now it’s called “Websites and Hosting


How To Build WordPress Website Tutorial Post 1 Image

If you’re an audio visual kind of person, you can watch this  WordPress Express video tutorial.   if you are an audio visual person

Again, all you need is the FREE Starter account, NOT the paid Premium, to do this.

How To Build WordPress Website Tutorial Post Image



Where can you find Royalty Free Website Images?

Click the book below to find out:

  • Where  you can get images for your website?
  • Website images, Free and Paid
  • Terminology of using images
  • Over 7 sources of Royalty Free Images!

…and MUCH, MUCH more!

Royalty Free Images Blog Image

Where To Find Images For Your Website

Here’s quick color theory emotion reference guide.

All businesses know that people take action when an emotion is evoked.    This is why building your website with the target emotion in mind is vital to your business.  Click the image for a really simple explanation of 10 colors and their related emotions:


Color Theory Emotions Guide

Related to: Color Theory Emotion, color and emotions, logo colors

Hi Marc,

Here’s a snap shot:



wordpressAs you already probably know, WordPress is THE website platform of choice!  That’s because it’s flexible and has TONS of themes and plugins that “pimp” out your site, many of which are are FREE!  But, let’s get to the question of this blog “How To Make Money On WordPress?

OK, let’s get started.  Everything here will be FREE so there is no excuse for even a broke newbie to get off his/her butt right NOW and learn how to make money online.

BIG Step 1: (I’m not sure if you have to create a (FREE) account  first or not, but nonetheless, here’s everything from how money is made online to building a website to choosing your niche to keyword research.  Phew…that’s a LOT of free stuff!  Here’s the Tutorial.  (when you get to the “build your website” section you will see a REALLY cool exclusive tool where you can put up a WordPress site in literally under a minute!)

Step 2: Learn 7 ways to  get traffic to your WordPress website.

Step 3: Learn 6 different ways to make money with your WordPress website.

Now, those tutorials are pretty deep with money making information.  I suggest you dig in and ask questions when you’re stuck.  There are people hanging out in this community 24/7.  You can also leave me a question or comment on my profile page.

Important Tidbit: Failure and Success are NOT opposites.  They come together.  If you can read and have the desire to make money online, you can and WILL manifest that dream.

Create a FREE account and get started.  This brand new “free membership” has opened the doors for ANYONE to make money online.  Take massive advantage of it NOW before they change this membership.

See you inside!


Does OMG Machines Work Image

Does OMG Machines Work?  Without even buying the course I can tell you “yes it does.”

Why?   Because:

1.  They have been honest and up front with me.  I have dealt with Mike Long and Anthony Aires for a long time and haven’t been ripped off in anyway by neither of them.  They were helpful when I reached out and  I know they are real businessmen  in it for the long haul.  Greg Morrison seems like a genuine person but it’s the first time I’ve heard of him.   I don’t expect the total newbie to make the kind of money that’s advertised on their site because those guys sound like they have some sort of experience or connection (I have a better alternative for newbies below (hint: free).   The second reason OMG Machines work is because….

2. If you can rank a website at the top of a search engine, i.e Google, for a keyword that is being searched for, you can and eventually WILL make money.   How much depends on the amount of traffic you get and how well you relate to those visitors and help them fulfill a want or need (with a product).

What They Do To Make Money

I attended the seminar and signed up for the free area just to see what they do.  The free area gives you little teasers of what they do but obviously don’t tell you how to do it.  You will need to pay (currently) $179 to see that.  There is, however, a FREE alternative to OMG Machines (Newbies, this is for you).

You can learn how to do keyword research, build a (free) WordPress website, rank them, AND get help in a classroom setting all for FREE at Weatlhy Affiliate’s Free Class.  Leading the class is Kyle, the Owner of WA Online Business Community)

Anyway, back to how OMG Machines make money…They rank sites (even free Squidoo Lens) for local keywords and other non-local keywords and then make money by placing affiliate links on them.  They also contact Adwords Advertisers and tell them they can get cheaper clicks / traffic by renting ad space on THEIR site for a keyword they are ranked for.  They call this placing “Free Ads” on their sites but it is NOT free.  They say it’s free because the local business owner (or whoever advertises on there) does not have to pay for every click they get on their ad, BUT, they do pay a monthly rate for renting that space.

Conclusion To OMG Machines

The first thing you need is to rank a site/ page (which is their  choice of getting traffic)  You can learn that here for FREE

Then,   if you know you can stick to a plan from beginning to end (instead of buying the next “shining thing), go ahead and buy  OMG Machines.

I mean, why spend money when you don’t need to?




Ask any kid, “Would you be happy if you had all the money in the world?”  And a disproportionate of them will say, “yes!”  That’s only because they don’t know what you are about to learn (and this relates to your journey to become financially free).  Here are the reasons why money doesn’t buy happines



Remember, happiness is derived when you EARN success of any kind.  It can be raising a loving family, making the soccer team, getting an “A” in math, getting a job, making your first dollar online, etc.

Even a study done by the University of Michigan reveals that Lottery winners were actually LESS happy after winning the Lottery.  Weird.  They would get a new house and a new car and whatever else they always wanted, but yet they were happier before they bought the ticket.  Strange phenomenon, huh?

Money does help, but it doesn’t buy happiness.

So, if happiness is derived when something is earned, it is fair to say that not everyone will earn the same amount.  This brings up the topic of inequality.

If everything was given to a society so that everyone would be equal, contrary to what people think, we would be a less happy society for the mere fact that it wasn’t earned.

So, what do you want to be successful at?  In America, you have a right to pursue happiness.  Go pursue it!

Did you know you can charge people a “Like” to see great content or to get a coupon?  Facebook calls it a Fangate, and just like a toll booth, people must “pay” you a “Like” if they want to see the content behind the “gate.”  I learned this from Isaac Wardell, a Social Media specialist.  Pretty cool way to get more Likes and Fans.  Watch the video below:


How To Find People The Buy ImageSo, how do you find that desperate niche that’s ready to buy something?

In this short blog post I’m going to give you golden nuggets that show you how to find a desperate niche ready to buy.  I ripped these out from a Wealthy Affiliate University Tutorial   (Niche Research Made Easy – How I Just Came Up With 15 Solid Niches That Are Ready To Be Sold To!) by Rob, aka “ccmusicman.”  It’s a simple method to finding hungry crowds ready to buy.  And, best of all, it uses a free, super “tool”…YOU!  Why is this superior?  Because YOU can get inside a customer’s head better than any technical tool out there.  However, if you do get stuck in this process, you can peek in magazines, Tv ads, or walk through a Walmart store for some help.  Anyway, here are the nuggets to finding a desperate niche:

1. Think of things that come to people’s mind everyday, or nearly everyday.

2. Think of questions that spike up EMOTIONS and call for answers “NOW!”

EX. How can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me?  Or, what can I do to prepare myself for a divorce?  Or, how can I lose 20 pounds 3 weeks before my wedding?

These things that come to mind can belong to what marketers call a “hungry crowd” or a “desperate niche.”

But, how will you know if these niches will buy products or services and make you money (as an affiliate)?

They must pass every one of these 6 test questions:

1. Do they think about this problem/question a lot?

2. What is their emotional temperature?  (The higher their emotions about this subject, the easier it is to make sales)

3. What is the cost for this niche?  (The more they have invested in this subject, the easier it is to make sales)

4. Do they talk about it a lot?  (One way to find out is to check forums on the subject.  If there’s a lot of replies, it’s HOT!

5. Are others making money from it?  (If you see a lot of advertisers, you can bet they are making money on this niche!)

6. What objections would they have?  (Are there any reasons why they wouldn’t want to buy the product?  e.g. you’re not a doctor so why should I trust your recommendation?)

So, in summary, here is what you do….

1. Make a list of as many “burning questions” as you can.

2. Take that list through the six factors of a profitable niche.

Pick the best one and dig deeper for keywords in this niche.  More details on this tutorial can be found here.

website moving service imageIf you are looking for a moving website service, I have a recommendation.

I was in Wealthy Affiliate University watching a video on how to transfer a website to a different domain and host.  The video was created by a long time Wealthy Affiliate member, Craig Smith.  He not only owns his own business  but is also very knowledgeable when it comes to moving a website.

Since my situation was a little different than what the video talked about I had to do more research on my own to move a site.  And since there are many parts that interlink in a website, one little missing part will render the whole website useless!


Craig And His “Geeky” Website Skills To The Rescue


After trying 3 times, I could not get the darn site to show up on my domain!

And this is where Craig’s knowledge, patience, and superb service came in.  He has been helping me with wordpress plugin problems for several days already, and yet, he offered to help me get my site working on a new domain (that required a work around to get to the hosting control panel area mind you)!

Long story short, I emailed him my data and wordpress files with my FTP login information and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and found a message inside  Wealthy Affiliate from Craig.  And, just like magic, it said, “Fixed!”

I typed in my domain and there it was, just like I imaged it.

I can’t say enough good things about Craig.  He’s very patient, generous, kind, hard working, creative, and knowledgeable!

If you buy websites or just want to move your own website to a new host, I highly recommend Craig Smith.  He has provided many tutorials on the technical side of websites so you know this is his area of interest.

You can read more about Craig and view some of his tutorials and blog posts here   >>> this is a protected members only site so you may have to register (FREE) to contact Craig about his website moving service.

Laughing Donkey Jackson Carson via Compfight

I got some news that even makes a donkey happy.

If you are a newbie, Wealthy Affiliate University is putting on a webinar specifically geared for newbies.  The best part about it is it’s FREE with no strings attached.  Either you like what you see inside or you don’t.  It’s really that simple.

You may have to sign up with a Facebook account to see the webinar for free (that’s how it was before).   This is to verify you are a real person coming inside Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s a tight community and we welcome anyone who’s looking for ongoing support, tutorials, and tools, all in one place.

The webinar starts at 8:00 PM EST, 7/13/12 (will be archived for later viewing).

Hope you get something out of it.  Enjoy:)

UPDATE: Webinar Over.  See “How To View Archived Webinars” Below


How To View Archived Webinars

NOTE: Webinars may be available to Premium Members only by the time you see this.  If so, see Option 2.

OPTION 1 –  Click Here THEN …..Getting Started With Online Marketing Image 1


Getting Started With Online Marketing Image 2

OPTION 2 – If you cannot watch the webinar, Check out “Day 2” to see “Understanding How To Make Money Online

Is Wealthy Affilaite Universtiy Legit ImageAfter spending $100 on a course on how to build an affiliate site, I made maybe $10 at the most.  So, I continued looking for more books and courses to learn about Affiliate Marketing and came across Wealthy Affiliate University (also know as The Open Education Project).  Like many, I wanted to know  “Is Wealthy Affiliate University Legit?”  That is an understandable question, even though the sales page told you “we’re legit!”  Long story short…after being inside the members area, the answer is 100%, “YES.”

What Is Legit?


What do I mean by legit?  For me, it’s learning stuff I can take with me forever to make money online.  See the 10-day trial and the “10-Day Plan” below if you need guidance.   UPDATE:  A “Starters Membership” has just replaced the 10-day trial   It is currently FREE with NO trial period!  If you’re new to internet marketing, you can access a beginner’s course called “Your first $50 Online! Brand Spankin’ New Course!” IMMEDIATELY as a Free Member.  Go Here.     

Another example (out of 100’s) that make Wealthy Affiliate University legit:

For Premium (paid) Members, there is a Forum Thread called “Stuck in a rut…” where Travis Sago (the original Bum Marketer) and one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate figure out why this person wasn’t getting sales (in his PPC campaign)…and he was SUPPOSEDLY targeting a “buying keyword.”  It’s this kind of real problem analyzing that makes Wealthy Affiliate University legit.  That kind of knowledge is priceless if you’re planning on making a living online.

Once you’re inside, click the “Forum” link in the margin and  you can search for that post “Stuck in a rut…” in quotes.

Premium members also get access to over  70, and growing, archived webinars like, “Live Case Study: Build, Rank, Flip,” “50 Shades of Grey Hat SEO,” and “Ultimate Traffic Training WAbinar.”

FREE Starter Members can access tutorials like, “Mastering The Keyword Research Process” and “Creating A Free Website At Wealthy Affiliate.”

Two Tries To Realize Wealthy Affiliate University Was Legit


As I mentioned before on this blog it took me 2 tries to finally conclude that Wealthy Affiliate University (now better known as The Open Education Project -OEP) IS a legit place to learn how to make sustainable money online.

The first time I totally overwhelmed myself by grabbing a bunch of tutorials during a $1 trial and quitting Wealthy Affiliate.  Well, when you have  information overload, nothing happens.

So I eventually came back and made use of the tools, tutorials, forums, and support, which now has an AWESOME “Live/Real Time,” exclusive, platform.  Responses to your questions are much faster, especially if you use the “Live Chat.”  And, being updated with new materials and updates are INSTANT!

The Core That Makes Wealthy Affiliate University Legit?


1. INTERNET MARKETING TUTORIALS GALORE:  Just enter a keyword  in the search bar at the top and out comes a list of tutorials and blog posts related to that subject.  Do you want to learn about getting traffic?  Building a Landing Page?  Email Marketing?  Putting up a WordPress website (in  3 minutes)?  Do you want to attend a webinar called “Ninja SERP Strategies Revealed,”  or check one of over 70 webinars you missed?  It’s ALL there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

2. NEVER ENDING UPDATES AS THE INTERNET CHANGES: This is one of the best things about being a Wealthy Affiliate member.  When new players like Pinterest, for example, come on the scene and there’s a way to use it for Internet Marketing purposes, you will hear about it from one of the 6,000+ members at Wealthy Affiliate.

When new, better, and faster technology is available Kyle and Carson looks into improving Wealthy Affiliate.  They use the membership revenues to REINVEST in Wealthy Affiliate (and I didn’t have to pay more for this upgrade!).   For example, Wealthy Affiliate University started as a basic keyword service.  Then it turned into a University with tools, tutorials, and support.  Now, all this is running on a new “Real Time” platform.  With “Live Chat,” you can reach out to members who are logged in and ask for advice, direction, or anything you want.

Everyday, members are contributing anything internet marketing related via their blog post or a tutorial (which you can earn money with).  If you become a major contributor (they call it an Ambassador), you will be invited to to to Las Vegas and meet the other “Big Timers” at Wealthy Affiliate.



See Results Now With The 10 Day Plan



There is NO 10-Day Trial so you can work at your own pace with the FREE “Starter Membership” doing this course: Your first $50 Online! Brand Spankin’ New Course!

What can you do now to see if Wealthy Affiliate University is legit?  And, can you even make money?  Well, you’ll answer these questions after finishing the course.  And, please let me know if you need any help along the way (I tell you how to contact me below).

*No Credit Cards Required

*No Sales page to read…just the real thing.

Now, you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate University is legit.

When you get in and complete the course, I’d LOVE to hear when you’ve made your first $1.  Simply log in Wealthy Affiliate, go to My Profile page, and leave me the awesome news:)

Looking forward to seeing you inside,




Amazon Associate Work From Home ImageHere’s an Amazon Associate Work From Home Strategy that implements something VERY important if you want to earn commissions the fastest.  This is not something I heard for the first time.  It has been taught in a webinar by wealthy online marketer Travis Sago, Mike Long, and Kelly Felix.

I just found a short tutorial that mentioned it again, and it was the main contributor to converting all his work into Amazon commissions fast.  You can view the tutorial FREE.  It includes links to his exact landing page.  It’s all about TIMING folks, and catching the consumer when they are ready to buy.

Here’s the short tutorial: Make $1500 Fast – Amazon … Niche Marketing

It IS possible to work from home as an Amazon Associate AND actually make money, if you know the nuances of affiliate marketing.



Free Weatlhy Affiliate Membership ImageYou read that right.  News ALERT …  Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership Is HERE!  Starter Membership FREE FOREVER if you get in now (NO  10-day trial limit … you can get Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing specialty training instantly… and, yes, this IS 100% legit!).

Starter Membership VS Premium Membership

Kyle and Carson, owners of Wealthy Affiliate University / Open Education Project, are trying a new business model.  SO, IF YOU’VE ALWAYS WONDERED HOW OTHER PEOPLE MAKE MONEY WITH INTERNET MARKETING, CHECK IT OUT NOW!

It’s NEW, BETTER, and FASTER!  Its “Real Time/ Live” environment helps newbies make money online faster.  When you get in, I highly suggest you watch the “Open Education Project Walkthrough” in the “WAbinars” section.  You will see how to use Wealthy Affiliate properly to make money faster.     (On May 1 (noon EST), 2012 “Free for 10 Days” will start. FREE Starter Membership Starts October 2012 Click Here To Get In Now.NOTE: Because of the “Starter Membership” update, some content below may not make sense.

I’m going to assume you did your homework and already know that Wealthy Affiliate University is a legitimate business.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an active members only site with tons of resources that teaches regular people specifically about Internet Marketing/ Affiliate Marketing.  You have access to written and video tutorials all the way to live member support AND even coaching from the Wealthy Affiliate owners themselves if you need it.

It’s true.  Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate Owners), Marcus (Affiliate Manager) , and Jay (Webinar Manager) are always there in Wealthy Affiliate.  This is their full time job, unlike other product owners that just sell one product this month, another 3 months later, another 5 months later, etc.

Millions Reinvested In The All New Wealthy Affiliate

Since I started back in 2009 there has been about 2 times you could get in Wealthy Affiliate for $1.  Missed it?  Well, since then, they have spent millions of dollars completely updating Wealthy Affiliate University.  If you look here  (and you’ve seen WA before) you can see the change from the outside.  The latest update is something called The Open Education Project where things are happening in REAL TIME.  Everyone shares the latest techniques, ask any questions, share resources, etc. (thus, the name “OPEN”).

 Risk Nothing, Gain EVERYTHING

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make money as an Internet/Affiliate Marketer here are several reasons to jump in now:

  • You have a full 10 days to try and  look at EVERYTHING, including Archived Video WAbimars (exclusive Webinars inside WAU) teaching you things like:

“Live Case Study – Watch Me Build a Niche in Real Time”

-“Ninja SERP Strategies Revealed”

-“Awesome Free Methods of Website Traffic for 2012”

-“The New World of Backlinks, 2012 Style”

-“Keyword Research Panda Style”

-“How to Recruit Local Marketing Clients”

-“Google Top Rankings with WordPress Express.. Ninja Strategies”

…and over 60 more…AND COUNTING!

No Money Needed to check these out.   You get a mini FREE WEALTHY AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP!!!

FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership Here

I’m excited and I’m already inside:)  I know how it feels to be you….Skeptical, wondering if Wealthy Affiliate will help you make money, do they really help everyone, are the webinars any good, etc

Well, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else say about how Wealthy Affiliate has helped them because all that matters is if it helps YOU, whatever your goal is.  Check it out, and you decide.


  • INSIDE INFORMATION: Sometime in May, entry into Wealthy Affiliate will change.  Anyone wanting to get in will have to find a current member to get in.  From then on it will be “Invitation Only” indefinitely.

What this means for you as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate (if you become a member) is that when you advise your readers that it is on an “Invitation Only” basis, they will very likely use your affiliate link.  It is VERY EASY  to get your links out there on Facebook and Twitter.  Just go to “Share Wealthy Affiliate” > “WA Shoutout – Get Paid to Share Quality Content” when you get in for the instructions.


I’d like to help you anyway I can to make money online because I want you to experience what it’s like to work because you WANT to and not because you have to.  That is the way to live life.

One thing I’d like to do is give you something for coming inside as my guest.

  • Thank You BONUS: I’ve been where you are right now and I appreciated when a WA member gave me a bonus when I joined through his recommendation.  I’d like to do the same for you whether you become a member or not.  NOTE:   BONUS ENDS: June 10, 2012

When you come inside Wealthy Affiliate through this Invitation Only Link, type in the following in the search bar (at the top of the site): “@SquidooSlfMstr.”  Then…

Click “Private Message” at the top of my profile area.

Send me a message with  the Subject Line “How To Sell More Automatically Bonus.” 

I look forward to meeting and helping you anyway that I can.  See you on the inside!



Get In Wealthy Affiliate University for FREE Here  After May 1, 2012 (noon EST)




MegaMillionsBestNumbers Image What are the mega millions best numbers?

This is a hot question since the latest Megamillions Lotto jackpot is half a billion dollars ($500,000,000)!  Before I share 3 simple number picking tips from the author of Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery, it’s important to keep you from ruining your (financial) life.

I do feel your hope, your “what if” thinking, and all that stuff that’s symptomatic of the “Vegas bug.”  But, be SURE you do not risk your grocery money or rent money for financial freedom.  I guess it’s OK if you view it strictly as ENTERTAINMENT.  If you agree, read on for the 3 simple simple tips to picking the Mega Millions best numbers.

As you know, when you play a game of chance (1 in 175,000,000 in this latest $500,000,000 Lotto Jackpot), “best” should be taken relatively.  If you pick the “best numbers” you might increase your chances, for example, to 1 in 174,800,000.  It’s better (in terms of statistics) than the original odds, but still a long shot.

So, with that said, let’s turn to someone who has LOTS of experience with Lotto Jackpots.

This person has won not 1, not 2, and not even 3 Lottery jackpots, but 7 Grand Prize jackpots!

According to Richard Lustig, here’s his strategy to picking the mega millions best numbers:

*Do not pick all odd numbers or all even numbers
*Do not pick numbers that line up diagonally or form patterns on your lottery card
*And check to see if your numbers have been drawn before.  If so, do not pick them.  (you can go online to check previous winning numbers)

Watch This Video For More Tips On Increase Your Chances To Winning The Lotto Jackpot


Black Friday Make Money Super $1  Entry – After Thanksgiving brings out some crazy retail sales.  But what if you could learn to make money during all this Black Friday craze, all at a STEAL (literally)?

Gain Financial Freedom dot Org is focused on becoming financially free so we love it when there’s Black Friday Make Money Sales we can take advantage of.  If you can build  “money making machines” first and let that buy your consumables, you will become financially free.

Wealthy Affiliate University Let’s You Access EVERYTHING (including the bonuses like “Who Loves Money – Zero Investment Marketing Techniques“) hidden in the “Getting Started” menu) … For $1 !!

Starting Black Friday, November 25, and lasting through November 28, 2011, Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) will have their Black Friday $1 “Crazy Access” sale.  (if you haven’t heard of Wealthy Affiliate University, it’s an online, learn at your own pace, everything internet marketing, members only site)

They will give you FULL ACCESS to ALL their tools, videos, WAbinars Archive (Wealthy Affiliate webinars), tutorials, forums, and coaching!

This is exactly what $97 and $47 / month members are paying for… BUT YOU GET IT FOR LESS THAN A HAPPY MEAL! —–$1.

This is the exact deal that got me in but it was only for 1 week access.  This offer gives you full access for 1 whole month!

No obligation.

Quit if you want, or stay a member at the $47/month rate if you see the value you’re getting.

This has never been offered before and Kyle and Carson, owners of WAU, says probably will never be offered again.

Skip that Coke, drink water for one meal, and spend that $1 on a potential career changing opportunity, or even just a side business opportunity.  Actually, it could change, and has changed, lives.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.

Black Friday Make Money Offer – Get In Wealthy Affiliate University For $1 Between November 25 – 28, 2011 – Click Here NOW To see What You’ll Get!


Is Wealthy Affiliate safe?

It is VERY safe.  I first became a member in 2009 during their $1 trial.  Then I tried to study all the material on my own but had questions so this made me come back and I’ve been a member since then.

In fact, it’s not only safe (a real business), but they keep adding new stuff in WAU.  And, I am locked in at my original membership even after all the additions.  Very happy with that.

Is there a Wealthy Affiliate deal?

The last deal was the “Throwback to 2005” deal where people got in at 2005 prices when it was just basically a keyword research site.  Now with all the additions they have raised the membership price to $47/month for Gold, and $97/month for Platinum.  They lock you in at your entry price if there is another raise.

This $1 FULL ACCESS deal for 1 month is a No Brainer! Just get in, take a look at what you get, and you will be blown away.  I guarantee you will be OVERWHELMED with all the tutorials, the tools, the videos, the forum post, etc. that you won’t know where to start.  There is simply more than you can handle in Wealthy Affiliate University.

Is Wealthy Affiliate gold membership enough to succeed?

Yes, the Gold Membership is enough to succeed, IMO.  The most valuable thing is having access to coaches because I’m almost sure you will have questions.

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Post by Guest Blogger Ireniya Davis

Mortgage payments – The tips on paying it off fast

Paying off your mortgage fast – is that at all possible? Yes, it is possible considering the fact that you have the affordability to make the payments. The truth is, the higher your affordability, the faster can get the mortgage pay off process. Irrespective of the fact that you had taken out an online mortgage or an offline one, you can save money on your mortgage payments if you pay that off fast. Mortgage like any other kind of debt accrues interest and so if you pay off the debt fast, you may be able to save money on that.

Tips on fast mortgage pay off

The tips that can help you to pay off your mortgage fast enough are:

  1. Check with the interest rateYou will have to first check with the interest rate on your mortgage so as to find out how high the interest rate is and if it is at all affordable for you to try and quicken the mortgage pay off process.
  2. Check with your affordabilityOther than checking with the interest rate on the mortgage or your home loan, you will have to check with your affordability. Only if you can afford to make large payments, you should opt to pay off the mortgage faster than usual. Moreover, if you determine your affordability, you will be able to plan the payments and talk with the lender in that tune.
  3. Use a mortgage calculatorYou can use a mortgage calculator in order to find out how much you will have to pay against your home loan. You can also adjust the payment amount in the calculator in order to find out the time within which you would be able to become free of the mortgage debt. Based on that and your affordability then you may be able to start with your payments. There are various websites that may provide you free usage of a mortgage calculator.
  4. Plan on the paymentsAfter deciding on the affordability and the payment amount, you will have too plan as to how you are going to make the payments and the number of payments you are going to make against your home loan.
  5. Talk to the lenderYou will have to talk to your lender in order to get the payment agreement done and find out if you will be required to pay for the pre-payment penalty if you pay of your mortgage early than usual.
  6. Check with the status on credit reportAfter making each of the payments it is important to check with the status of your mortgage. This is important because, the payment may not get updated and this can even hurt your credit. it can also result in higher home loan debt amount.
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