Can you gain financial freedom trading? The short answer is yes, but it requires more than just knowledge.  There are people that have acquired enough knowledge about trading, but cannot apply them when real money is at stake.  They still have yet to master a level of self-control that often runs counter to natural human […]

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Advice From Alexander Elder, Warren Buffett, George Soros, and John Templeton On How To Be A Professional In Stock Trading   Want to learn how to be a professional stock trader?  Your hear it all the time from successful people…leverage the time, knowledge, mistakes, and money of those that made it before you. The following […]

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The avenue to wealth in tough times call for some refocusing on certain areas in your financial life.  Here’s the situation. The government has financial problems (in case you didn’t know).  Their bills are more than what’s coming in.  What are they going to do?  It will be a combination of cutting their expenses, i.e. […]

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Almost Half Of Your Trading Success Depends On… Why is it that only 5% of stock traders make great returns while he rest of us lag the market, or worst yet, lose money?  Is it a robust system?  Partly. What I’m about to tell you accounts for about 40% of trading success, and all of […]

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What if you had a professional trader tell you when a change in trend was happening?  Would you be more confident to take action and “pull the trigger?” Better yet, what if you could LEARN to identify these major trends and not depend on a service to tell you?  How would that impact your financial […]

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