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The Webmaster does NOT get paid by any advertiser/company to do a review or endorse their particular product or service.  Any mention of a product or service is strictly the free choice of the Webmaster.

The Webmaster invests his own time and/or money to review, research, and/or test each product and the content derived from such research is independent from the advertiser/company.

If you do decide to take further action with that particular advertiser/company, i.e. buy their product or service and that link is an affiliate link, the Webmaster does get compensated .  Read on for more information.

This site (and its special bonus(es), if available) are supported by the affiliate product(s) and advertisement(s) (if applicable) found on this site.  This page will explain what an affiliate product is so you will understand the “dynamics” of how affiliate products work and, therefore, your support of this site (and its bonus(es) if applicable).  For other means of support, you can read the “advertisement disclosure” (applicable only if you see ads) on the Site Terms and Privacy Policy page.

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Affiliate Products

Many companies, including, but not limited to, Walmart, Clickbank, Commission Junction,, etc., have affiliate programs.  These programs allow webmasters (defined here as anyone who can put content on a website) to partner up with the chosen company and display products, company banners, and/or text links on a website.

When the visitor to the site clicks any one of those text or image links they are taken to the respected company’s site.  If a transaction takes place (or in some cases any action initiated by the visitor, i.e. signing up for a newsletter, filling out a form for insurance quotes, etc.) the webmaster is compensated by the company for bringing them a customer (or potential customer in the case where action was initiated by the visitor but no transaction took place).  If you, the visitor to this site, are not happy with the purchase and get a refund, the affiliate’s compensation will also be debited from his/her account.

In order for companies to account for each transaction and credit each affiliate accordingly, a unique ID is appended to the URL (webpage address).

Webmaster’s Autonomy

The Webmaster is in no way encouraged by each company to display specific products.  They retain full independent control as to what product they display and what content they write.  However, they do NOT control what ads are served (if any).

The affiliate product(s) displayed was chosen carefully to fulfill visitor’s interests.  The webmaster only recommends products from what he/she considers credible companies based on thorough research and/or experience.

If you find that the recommended company is dishonest/fraudulent, please notify the webmaster immediately using this Contact Us form explaining what prompted your conclusion.  If we conclude after a comprehensive investigation that said company is engaging in dishonest/fraudulent behavior, we will cut ALL ties with that company.  We will not tolerate businesses that operate in this fashion and believe that only honest businesses should be rewarded.

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