Does OMG Machines Work?

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Does OMG Machines Work?  Without even buying the course I can tell you “yes it does.”

Why?   Because:

1.  They have been honest and up front with me.  I have dealt with Mike Long and Anthony Aires for a long time and haven’t been ripped off in anyway by neither of them.  They were helpful when I reached out and  I know they are real businessmen  in it for the long haul.  Greg Morrison seems like a genuine person but it’s the first time I’ve heard of him.   I don’t expect the total newbie to make the kind of money that’s advertised on their site because those guys sound like they have some sort of experience or connection (I have a better alternative for newbies below (hint: free).   The second reason OMG Machines work is because….

2. If you can rank a website at the top of a search engine, i.e Google, for a keyword that is being searched for, you can and eventually WILL make money.   How much depends on the amount of traffic you get and how well you relate to those visitors and help them fulfill a want or need (with a product).

What They Do To Make Money

I attended the seminar and signed up for the free area just to see what they do.  The free area gives you little teasers of what they do but obviously don’t tell you how to do it.  You will need to pay (currently) $179 to see that.  There is, however, a FREE alternative to OMG Machines (Newbies, this is for you).

You can learn how to do keyword research, build a (free) WordPress website, rank them, AND get help in a classroom setting all for FREE at Weatlhy Affiliate’s Free Class.  Leading the class is Kyle, the Owner of WA Online Business Community)

Anyway, back to how OMG Machines make money…They rank sites (even free Squidoo Lens) for local keywords and other non-local keywords and then make money by placing affiliate links on them.  They also contact Adwords Advertisers and tell them they can get cheaper clicks / traffic by renting ad space on THEIR site for a keyword they are ranked for.  They call this placing “Free Ads” on their sites but it is NOT free.  They say it’s free because the local business owner (or whoever advertises on there) does not have to pay for every click they get on their ad, BUT, they do pay a monthly rate for renting that space.

Conclusion To OMG Machines

The first thing you need is to rank a site/ page (which is their  choice of getting traffic)  You can learn that here for FREE

Then,   if you know you can stick to a plan from beginning to end (instead of buying the next “shining thing), go ahead and buy  OMG Machines.

I mean, why spend money when you don’t need to?




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