Buy Wealthy Affiliate Training Image 1If you’re in a rush, here’s a Blueprint To Your First $50 Online.   For all others, have you heard of affiliate marketing?  If so, then you know marketing other people’s products without the hassles of dealing with inventory or customers is VERY appealing.  You’ve probably also heard of the Online Schooling Wealthy Affiliate University.  Let me tell you my story that ultimately led me to buy Wealthy Affiliatewhich got this site ranked #1 with over 570,000 competing pages!… and another FREE site on page 1 ahead of Zappo’s!

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Like you, I was interested in making money online by selling other people’s products.  I subscribed to well known internet marketers such as PotPieGirl (Jennifer) and the Original Bum Marketer Travis Sago.  I went to the Warrior Forum and asked some questions, but did more reading than anything.  I took every advantage of free giveaways.  I watched videos and read eBooks until literally night turned to day.

I eventually succumbed to the temptation of that sales page.  You know the one: “…Make a Killing in 30 Days…Simple eBay Store Built With A Few Clicks…”  (to be fair, maybe it was easy for the owner, but remember, I was a newbie back then)

Anyway, I bought my first product, B.A.N.S. (Build a Niche Store), for about $100.  I did have a few sales, but NOTHING like the sales page mentioned, and not anywhere as fast as I’d hope.  I did not get my site ranking on page 1 nor bring enough traffic to it to make any decent money.  So, I shut it down.

The most valuable asset that product gave me was the knowledge of putting up a website.  I learned a lot about web hosting, buying a domain name, and uploading files to the internet, among a few other things.  This knowledge carried over to other projects and made everything much, much easier.

After more reading and video watching, I learned about the importance of keyword tools , how WordPress is the easiest and best blog platform to use, the importance of doing niche research,  the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and on and on.  You probably understand this if you’re already trying to make money online.

Then, through an email I heard about Wealthy Affiliate University from Travis, who is a Wealthy Affiliate member and has made at least a few hundred thousand dollars affiliate marketing, and maybe even a million dollars by now (I wouldn’t be surprised).  And, he is one of many “graduates” that have made a fortune affiliate marketing.  Anyway, when Travis suggested it, I LISTENED.

Are You Like Me?

Like most people, my biggest concern was the price.  I would have to pay about $47  a month (or $359/year) to become a member.  HOLY TOLEDO, Batman!  I was hesitating to splurge.

So, I stepped back and thought about it.  I thought about what I spent money on and why I did.  I came up with some foolish spending, and here I was thinking about not trying something that not only could change my life, but also fulfill a dream.  Hmmmmmmm…. I spend $300 on an MP3 player but not something that could change my life?

I asked myself, would I pay for traditional (brick and mortar) schooling if I wanted to become an internet marketer?  “Yes,” I said.  And, the fact is is that I (actually my loving parents) HAVE paid tens of thousands of dollars for traditional schooling.  And this is something I truly  WANTED to learn.  So, I decided to go for it.

If You Want To See How To Start An Online Business Using Something You’re Already Interested In, Here’s a FREE Tutorial From  The Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community

But then, I caught a break of all breaks.

There was a $1  seven day (I think) trial to get full access to Wealthy Affiliate.  I JUMPED ON IT!

I went in there and devoured everything I could.  I noted down tutorial after tutorial, noted down the best forum posts, got keywords, got free stock market niche PLRs (Private Label Rights – articles), and whatever else I could gather.  TONS and TONS of information, all for a $1.  What a deal… I thought.

My trial period ended and here I was with TONS of information.  I had no one to ask questions to, no one to coach me, nothing.  Did I learn some things, of course.  Did I have a website ranked on page 1 of Google with steady traffic coming in?  NOPE!

Fast Forward 1 Year

So, here I am one year later with no website ranking but with tons of information.

Here comes Travis again and promotes Wealthy Affiliate, telling me there is a new tool called WordPress Express and it’s included with the membership.  Remember, I’ve heard that WordPress is the Blog of choice because it’s easy to optimize for the search engines, especially with all the FREE plugins available.  So, I start weighing all the things I’d get for my $50/month membership.  Long story short, I talk myself into giving it one years try and see what happens.  (NOTICE: Wealthy Affiliate does NOT promise making a killing in 30 days like other products do.  What they do promise you is to give you EVERYTHING you need in order to make money online.  How much?  It’s up to you and how much effort you’re willing to put in.)

My Accomplishments Over A Years Time (All Because I Could Interact With People That Have Succeeded And Because I Didn’t Feel Rushed)

Am I a millionaire?  No.  They say real businesses take time to build and now I believe that.  I’m going to give it as much time as it takes to fulfill my dream.  I learned what can happen when I try to cram everything like in that 7-day trial experience.  But, here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • I am sooooo excited to say that I ranked this very website all the way to NUMBER 1 with currently over 4.3 Million competing pages!  (Keyword: “gain financial freedom” #1, “how to gain financial freedom #2, and a bunch of other keywords on page 1)  And, this was WITHOUT working on it everyday.  I’d say, I worked on it once every 7 – 14 days if that (I like to work in long spurts when I feel like it, which is not something you should adopt).  It took about 6 months, give or take a few, to climb to #1 for my keyword.  But, it was on page 1 in a matter of days, following some Wealthy Affiliate instructions.
  • I have only made a little with Adsense so far but have gotten an offer from a company to buy advertising space (outcome mentioned below)
  • I have learned about the buying cycle which accounted for about 75% of all my income (you MUST see the tutorial “Customer Purchase Lifecycle” in Wealthy Affiliate)
  • I put up a FREE site using the advice above and got a $50 commission on my targeted product!
  • I was contacted by a business representative to put a two line ad on my site.  We agreed to run it for 6 months for $75!
  • I learned how to make a Link INSIDE a YouTube Video taking you to an EXTERNAL Website (YOUR website).  Normally people tell the viewer to click the link inside the description.  This is “White Hat” Ninja Stuff that can done all FREE!
  • … and this and MUCH more got done with me NOT following a disciplined schedule and working consistently like I should.  Imagine what YOU can do if you are not like me – hee hee sob sob

Buy Wealthy Affiliate Training Image 2

I just used about 5% of what is inside Wealthy Affiliate and got the above mentioned done.  This is a one stop shop.  It’s full of educational materials on nothing but making money online, i.e. Pay Per Click, email marketing, flipping websites, building mini sites, etc.,  DIVE IN and give it a shot.

There are two pricing that’s about $100/mo. or $50/mo. and I think the $50/mo. is just fine.  You can build unlimited websites with the more expensive package but it’s not necessary for beginners.

They do not give refunds so at the worst you’ll pay $50 for “all you can eat.”  But, remember my lesson about cramming everything down without being able to interact with others.  It backfired on me and I ended up prolonging my success.  It’s up to you but there is no long-term contacts and if for whatever reason you don’t like it, you can quit before the 30th day.

Remember, this is NOT like those “magic courses” out there that promise you job quitting income next month.  It IS a place where EVERYTHING is provided for you so you CAN make job quitting income, and MORE.  The WA “graduates” that now make their living as an Internet Marketer are living proof that you CAN do it.  Come inside and talk to them.  They are just a click away.  Get In Free Here.

And because Wealthy Affiliate is a living and breathing site, it is growing EVERYDAY.  I guarantee you’ll learn something that will add to your “how to make money online” knowledge every time you log in.

Hope to see you on the inside!

Try Out Wealthy Affiliate University Now And I Guarantee You’ll Be Blown Away With What’s Inside

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