You go shopping for groceries and in the process you see a cool $7 electronic gadget.  Your plan was to just buy food, but this gadget is a “one-time special.”  What do you do?  Throw it in the cart and charge it?  The reason you do that is because the money (credit) is there and because you CAN do it.  If you had a simple envelope system for budgeting you can EASILY avoid these type of impulsive purchases.

Marketers spend a lot of time and money coming up with irresistible messages.  And that makes it pretty difficult for the common shopper so you can bet you are not alone.

Dave Ramsey has one of the simplest forms of budgeting.  It worked 50 years ago and still works today.  No software or high tech system is required, just envelopes and good ‘ole cash.

Check out this short video and see why it’s so effective.

The feeling of having cash at the end of the month because I didn’t overspend was powerful.  That money went directly to my bank account and now I had money to invest.  Or, better yet, if you don’t have an emergency fund yet, BUILD ONE!!  Having money when you lose your job or when an unexpected emergency comes up can save your marriage, can avoid an emotional breakdown, can spare your health, and that’s just scratching the surface.

I can guarantee you will NEVER ever regret saving money.

Try this envelope system for budgeting just a few categories and see how it works.  And if you get a chance to go to the library or book store, take a look at Dave Ramsey’s book Financial Peace.  I’ve gotten more than just how to use the envelope system from this book.  His lessons changes lives!

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