For all you cryptocurrency fans, this is a list of all the websites (aka  free dogecoins faucet) I find that give out FREE Dogecoins (mostly at least 1 coin).  If you find one not listed, leave it in the comments area (I will publish your comment and you get the back link to your site).   I’ll add them to the list for Doge Fan’s convenience.

Those not familiar with dogecoins, it a fun digital currency that people give each other over the internet.  Some give them for free and some give them as a “tip” for information they find useful.  If you use the links below to get Dogecoins, tips would be very much appreciated and can be sent to:


Here are some sites that give free Dogecoins:


If you want to get in this fun game really fast, James Renouf has put out a product that gives you all you need to get started today.  It’s a 17 page pdf document available for a limited time (I believe) over at

There are even some websites accepting Dogecoins as payment, but whether they will take off like bitcoins, no one knows.  In the meantime, get in this “futuristic economy” known as digital currency, or cryptocurrency.


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