Free Weatlhy Affiliate Membership ImageYou read that right.  News ALERT …  Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership Is HERE!  Starter Membership FREE FOREVER if you get in now (NO  10-day trial limit … you can get Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing specialty training instantly… and, yes, this IS 100% legit!).

Starter Membership VS Premium Membership

Kyle and Carson, owners of Wealthy Affiliate University / Open Education Project, are trying a new business model.  SO, IF YOU’VE ALWAYS WONDERED HOW OTHER PEOPLE MAKE MONEY WITH INTERNET MARKETING, CHECK IT OUT NOW!

It’s NEW, BETTER, and FASTER!  Its “Real Time/ Live” environment helps newbies make money online faster.  When you get in, I highly suggest you watch the “Open Education Project Walkthrough” in the “WAbinars” section.  You will see how to use Wealthy Affiliate properly to make money faster.     (On May 1 (noon EST), 2012 “Free for 10 Days” will start. FREE Starter Membership Starts October 2012 Click Here To Get In Now.NOTE: Because of the “Starter Membership” update, some content below may not make sense.

I’m going to assume you did your homework and already know that Wealthy Affiliate University is a legitimate business.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s an active members only site with tons of resources that teaches regular people specifically about Internet Marketing/ Affiliate Marketing.  You have access to written and video tutorials all the way to live member support AND even coaching from the Wealthy Affiliate owners themselves if you need it.

It’s true.  Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate Owners), Marcus (Affiliate Manager) , and Jay (Webinar Manager) are always there in Wealthy Affiliate.  This is their full time job, unlike other product owners that just sell one product this month, another 3 months later, another 5 months later, etc.

Millions Reinvested In The All New Wealthy Affiliate

Since I started back in 2009 there has been about 2 times you could get in Wealthy Affiliate for $1.  Missed it?  Well, since then, they have spent millions of dollars completely updating Wealthy Affiliate University.  If you look here  (and you’ve seen WA before) you can see the change from the outside.  The latest update is something called The Open Education Project where things are happening in REAL TIME.  Everyone shares the latest techniques, ask any questions, share resources, etc. (thus, the name “OPEN”).

 Risk Nothing, Gain EVERYTHING

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make money as an Internet/Affiliate Marketer here are several reasons to jump in now:

  • You have a full 10 days to try and  look at EVERYTHING, including Archived Video WAbimars (exclusive Webinars inside WAU) teaching you things like:

“Live Case Study – Watch Me Build a Niche in Real Time”

-“Ninja SERP Strategies Revealed”

-“Awesome Free Methods of Website Traffic for 2012”

-“The New World of Backlinks, 2012 Style”

-“Keyword Research Panda Style”

-“How to Recruit Local Marketing Clients”

-“Google Top Rankings with WordPress Express.. Ninja Strategies”

…and over 60 more…AND COUNTING!

No Money Needed to check these out.   You get a mini FREE WEALTHY AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP!!!

FREE Wealthy Affiliate Membership Here

I’m excited and I’m already inside:)  I know how it feels to be you….Skeptical, wondering if Wealthy Affiliate will help you make money, do they really help everyone, are the webinars any good, etc

Well, it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else say about how Wealthy Affiliate has helped them because all that matters is if it helps YOU, whatever your goal is.  Check it out, and you decide.


  • INSIDE INFORMATION: Sometime in May, entry into Wealthy Affiliate will change.  Anyone wanting to get in will have to find a current member to get in.  From then on it will be “Invitation Only” indefinitely.

What this means for you as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate (if you become a member) is that when you advise your readers that it is on an “Invitation Only” basis, they will very likely use your affiliate link.  It is VERY EASY  to get your links out there on Facebook and Twitter.  Just go to “Share Wealthy Affiliate” > “WA Shoutout – Get Paid to Share Quality Content” when you get in for the instructions.


I’d like to help you anyway I can to make money online because I want you to experience what it’s like to work because you WANT to and not because you have to.  That is the way to live life.

One thing I’d like to do is give you something for coming inside as my guest.

  • Thank You BONUS: I’ve been where you are right now and I appreciated when a WA member gave me a bonus when I joined through his recommendation.  I’d like to do the same for you whether you become a member or not.  NOTE:   BONUS ENDS: June 10, 2012

When you come inside Wealthy Affiliate through this Invitation Only Link, type in the following in the search bar (at the top of the site): “@SquidooSlfMstr.”  Then…

Click “Private Message” at the top of my profile area.

Send me a message with  the Subject Line “How To Sell More Automatically Bonus.” 

I look forward to meeting and helping you anyway that I can.  See you on the inside!



Get In Wealthy Affiliate University for FREE Here  After May 1, 2012 (noon EST)




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