Hi referrals (or any Wealthy Affiliate Premium member)!  This is a pretty cool trick provided by Jay “magistudios” so be sure to thank him after watching the webinar.

There is a simple hack for the Google Analytics Search Not Provided Keyword problem that has been driving many SEO and  Internet Marketers nuts.

But, thanks to Jay you can come up with a pretty close guess as to what keywords are hiding behind that notorious “(not provided)” data Google Analytics is giving us.


analytics search not provided image 01


Click this link and watch the webinar to find out how to set up this workaround hack to figuring out what’s behind that irritating “(not provided)” data.  It’s about 25 minutes into the webinar if that’s all you want.

If you want to watch the webinar later here’s how you can find it within the member’s area:


analytics search not provided image 2


Again, webinar is playing here.

Enjoy your new found data!



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