This post is going to show you how to advertise on facebook and make money withOUT using any (banned) scrapers like Social Lead Freak or paid tools like Interest Architect, Targeting Inspector, Data Reach, etc.  All that is required is a LITTLE bit of your brain and Google.

Most advertisers target common words that first pop into their heads.  Example: if you’re selling a golf product, people automatically think of words like golf, golfer, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, etc.  and enter that into the “Interests” section on Facbook’s Ad platform.

The problem with that is that most other advertisers think the same way!  When you have a bunch of advertisers competing for the same audience, a couple things are working against you.

One is your cost per click (CPC) probably will go up.  I say probably because Facebook is NOT a true auction based ads platform.   Source:  Kyle Bell and Jon Tarr, Facebook experts that has spend hundreds of thousands of dollars testing Facebook Advertising


TIP: This is important information because IF it was, your $20/day ad budget will vanish in a second.   If you were competing against a group of audience everyone is targeting, that demand would push up prices, right?  But, since it’s not, Facebook has some discretion.

What you want to do is set your daily budget to a low $5 – $10 a day.  The theory is since Facebook has 24 hours to spend ALL advertiser’s daily budget, they can still easily spend yours even if they give you the lowest CPC (since you have a low daily budget).  The other guy who has a $500 daily budget may never go through all his budget if Facebook gave him a low CPC.  Therefore, it’s to Facebook’s benefit to give him higher CPC’s so they can get as much money from him in 24 hours.

Of course Facebook will never admit this but this has been noticed during peak advertising times, such as Christmas.

So, if you want to scale a campaign that’s producing a positive ROI, just duplicate that campaign (just name it something like ‘campaign-2’) and keep the daily budget to something like $5-$10.


Another thing going against you when competing for the same audience is banner blindness.  The more ads a person sees, the more they disregard it.

So, what you want to do is find big groups of PASSIONATE people that love something that haven’t seen much ads.  This is what “Broad Targeting Formula” teaches you!  (If you’re an experienced FB advertiser, you can pick it up for $47 here)

Wouldn’t it be awesome to show your offer to a BIG group(s) of ultra niche TARGETED and PASSIONATE people?

Watch the video below to learn how to THINK in order to find your niche audience.



Like any ad campaign, it goes without saying: Monitor your Ad(s)!

I do it every 36-48 hours so that I have enough data to make an educated decision.   Why? —>  Ninja TIP:  Per “top level” FB guys…

Facebook’s algorithm is built to determine if your ad is good for your target audience within that timeframe.

That means if your ad starts out poorly, don’t give up on it.
That also means if your ad starts out great, don’t get overly excited.

Once your ad hits the 36-48 hour mark, the Facebook algorithm will decide if your ad is good or bad for your target audience.

Also, if I’m not getting AT LEAST a 2% Click Through Rate (CTR)  — this number is subjective but many Advertisers say this is average–, I will adjust the audience, the ad copy, or just pause it because something is not right.

And, of course, make sure you are converting (what ever your goal is).  Some advertisers just want people on their email list (and they will sell them later) and that is their conversion.  Others want to sell a product right away, in which case ROI is everything.  If after 50 -100 people see your offer and you do not get a sale(s), I would pause that ad and adjust.

Folks, Facebook as done ALL the work segmenting your audience for you.  It’s an advertiser’s dream!  If you learn how to TAKE ADVANTAGE of all what Facebook has done, you can MAKE SOME LOTS OF MONEY!


My suggestion: Unless you KNOW what you want to be, instead of taking up a course at your local college, learn  the INVALUABLE SKILL of marketing.  This will allow you to make money anytime you want, as long as Facebook is around (and, IMO, it’s not going away anytime soon!).

If you don’t have much experience with Facebook Marketing, get this complete Facebook course.  It’s only $17 right now.  You can find a college course for that price!


Bonus TIP:

If you’re doing Direct Mail Advertising, STOP NOW!  Look at the comparison between United States Post Office Direct Mail vs Facebook (click image to enlarge):

Direct Mail Alternative - SUPERIOR

If you want someone to set up, implement, and manage your advertising, contact the xRay Marketing Team.  They know all about this.



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