A quick post on a How To Build a WordPress Website Tutorial.  I guarantee you it’s going to be the easiest way you’ve ever built a WordPress site!  (HINT: 5 Clicks…COOL!)

If you have the right tools, getting a job done will be easy for you.  You can charge people that don’t have this tool because it’s more difficult for them to complete.

I’m going to show exactly where you can find this tutorial so you can build your wordpress site in under 5 minutes.

NOTE: you do NOT have to have the paid Premium account.  This all can be done with the FREE Starter account.

OK, if you’re a picture and text kind of person, go to this  WordPress Builder Tutorial.

(the tutorial says to go to the “Build Website” area, but now it’s called “Websites and Hosting


How To Build WordPress Website Tutorial Post 1 Image

If you’re an audio visual kind of person, you can watch this  WordPress Express video tutorial.   if you are an audio visual person

Again, all you need is the FREE Starter account, NOT the paid Premium, to do this.

How To Build WordPress Website Tutorial Post Image



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