People say that change takes time.  That is bogus.  Like the world renowned self-help guru Anthony Robbins said, change happens INSTANTLY.  It’s doing the things necessary to make change happen that takes time.  So, in this post I’m going to tell you how to drastically change your life for the better starting TODAY with one little mind hack.


Use it for fitness goals, financial goals, social goals, or whatever goal you have.  Just use it!

This comes from the files of Prager University.   It is a short video that talks about how YOU, a human being, are the ONLY species on this earth that can change!  You have something so powerful yet you never really took advantage of it.  This is the ABILITY TO CHANGE.  This is going to change your life today so sit back and absorb this mind hack, and watch your life change for the better.





Now that you are responsible for the bad AND GOOD in your life, here’s a little technique you can use to change your life today by Anthony Robbins.  It has to do with being CERTAIN that you can handle anything in your life…and the good news is, all it takes is a LITTLE change.

Enjoy the video and enjoy reaching your goals!






how to drastically change your life





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