Find Coupons Online For Groceries And Household Items And Save $100’s … In Under 30 minutes

What would you do if you “found” a hundred dollars?  Hopefully you would invest it in something that can make you more money…after all, this is a site to help you gain financial freedom.

Well, you’re about to learn how a dirt simple grocery shopping strategy can help you find that hundred (or more) dollars.  It takes no more than 30 minutes a week and is easy enough that your kid can do it for you :o)

It just involves finding the hot deals, matching up coupons, and buy what’s on your list.

Bonus Tip That Will Save You Hundreds Of Dollars More…If You Use It (not part of the strategy you’ll see soon)

Bonus Tip: If you see a deal that doesn’t come around too often and it’s something that can last a long time, i.e. paper towels, frozen foods, canned foods, etc. stock up for the year.  This strategy is called “Power Shopping” and if you know when to do it, you can save hundreds a month!  We’re talking deals that are 40%-50% cheaper than warehouse prices, i.e. Costco, Sam’s Club, etc.  If you become a pro at it, you can drop your membership.

Thanks for that awesome tip Daniel!  -Author of  “Saving Money Through Power Shopping”

Now to be a Power Shopper, you need multiple coupons.  There are 3 ways to round up a bunch of the same coupons, each with its pros and cons.

1. Print the Coupons


  • instant
  • possibly cheaper, depending how much you print and your ink and paper cost


  • you can only print two (2) coupons per site which means you’ll have to go to 10 different sites if you wanted to print 20 coupons
  • you need to install (free) printing software in order authenticate the coupons
  • Searching for them takes time (some sites can be searched by pre-set names, but others you  must find them scrolling through multiple pages)

Here are some sites you can print coupons.  Notice the poor searching capability.  It may take some time to find a specific coupon.


2. Collect (or buy) multiple copies of Sunday’s paper, specifically the inserts


  • instant access to coupons (organization is a must)


  • cost of newspaper (if you buy them, compare what it would cost if you just bought the Sunday Paper from a stand vs ordering via a discounted service.
  • need a little storage area for many weeks of circulars

3. Use a Coupon Clipping Service


  • get multiple coupons without clipping and organizing multiple circulars
  • one stop shop


  • shipping times
  • cost of service – minimum of $3.94 ($3.00 minimum for coupons+.50 processing fee+.44 shipping)

The best clipping service, in my opinion, is a family ran, home base business that was featured in Woman’s Day Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and The Today Show.  The sites interface and search makes finding coupons fast and their policies are very clear and upfront.  Plus, they are the only place I’ve seen that slips in an extra .50 coupon (if they find a relevant coupon for you) to offset your processing fee.  Very thoughtful, in my opinion.  They are called the CouponClippers.

3b. Semi-Coupon Clipping Service


  • often cheaper for more coupons
  • no need to clip and collect newspaper circulars


  • shipping time
  • must buy in set lots
  • may have to buy from multiple sellers

You can find lots of coupons on eBay but usually from various sellers.  If you find a seller with a big inventory of coupons and ships fast, mark them as a favorite seller so you can go back to them later.  I found one that sold over 1600 items and has a 99.9% feedback score.  Check out The Corner Store For Coupons and see if they have coupons you use.

Tip: Manufacturer’s coupons are the best because you can layer them on top of a store’s coupon, for example, and get things REALLY cheap or even FREE!

How To Find Coupons Online For Groceries That Are On Sale

OK, now that you know how to get multiple coupons in case a great deal comes along, let’s check out an awesome FREE service that will 1) teach you a system that can save you up to 86% off your groceries consistently and 2) find awesome deals to implement the “Power Shopping” strategy (she doesn’t talk about this but her data base will find the deals for you).

  1. Register FREE at
  2. Click on “Grocery Deals By State” on the menu, pick your store, and click “Go”
  3. Sort by “% Saved,” make your list, and “Power Shop” your item is a steal!

Become a Professional Shopper With Tips From “Saving Money Through Power Shopping

Tip: Coupons that just came out usually do not produce the best deals.  Stores know that they will get a bunch of shoppers coming in with those coupons so they will keep the prices higher.  Again, wait for killer deals, then ATTACK!

Tip: Keep a list of items you use throughout the year that have a long shelf (freezer) life.  Label each item with the best retail price you’ve seen.  When you come across a deal significantly lower relative to the best retail price, go in for KILL (Power Shop)! Only Power Shop at the right time…when prices are rock bottom.

Tip: Generally speaking, items will fall to rock bottom prices about every 3 months.  This is when you get things 50% to 100% off retail.

Tip: Walmart has a price matching guarantee so you could one stop shop if you bring the ads to Walmart.  Here’s there  Price Matching Policy.

Not many people look at it this way but finding coupons online for groceries and other items is just as good, if not better, than making money.  If it took you 10 minutes to find a $5 coupon, that is equivalent to a $30/hour job, and you’ll have to pay income tax on that.

Now that you know how easy it is to find coupons online (for groceries and other products), DON’T EVER PAY RETAIL AGAIN!


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