Cash Flow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide To Financial Freedom Editorial Commentary

This video brings up important shifts in thinking one must make in order to gain financial freedom.  We are undoubtedly in a changing economy going from the Industrial Age to the Information age.  Jobs are outsourced via the internet and job security is a thing of the past.

It’s time to take care of your own retirement (including health insurance if you can) and not be at the mercy of your employer, working at a job you hate “just for the benefits.”  Life is too short to live this way.

Transitioning to the business and investing side, as the Cash Flow Quadrant recommends, brings in passive income which allows you the freedom to do what you WANT to do.  Imagine what it would feel like waking up to the “want to” lifestyle.  Awwwwesome!

Creating streams of income online is what this blog is about so be sure to look around here for opportunities (some exclusive).

Achieving financial freedom starts in the mind, so here’s the video.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” is a little easier read and will paint a broader picture of what life is like on the business and investor side of the quadrant.  Go borrow it at your local library or read a few pages now on Amazon if your have an account (free to create).

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