“Gain Financial Freedom With a Penny” Lesson

Find a penny pick it up…

No, luck has nothing to do with how this story ends.

This penny story will stun you.

What would you do if you found a penny?

Here’s what only a few people would actually do…and that’s why they are the one’s financially free.

Firstly, a question for you.  How much do you think one penny will turn into  if you doubled it everyday for just 1 month (30 days)?


Compounding Penny Image



Read that again (I couldn’t believe that myself).  Let it sink in!

Financially smart people practice what is known as the eighth wonder of the world…COMPOUNDING.

Get the moral of this story through your head, put it into action, and your life will be FUN and EXCITING starting NOW!!


Here’s Why People Will Not Gain Financial Freedom (but you will…if you avoid this)


Doubling, tripling, quadrupling, or ???  your money is very realistic when you’re dealing with small money and any beginner can do it.  For example, you could buy a video game for a $1 at a garage sale and resell it on eBay for $10, making a HUGE return on investment.  But, when you start investing thousands of dollars, it’s much harder to double your money really fast (unless you’re pretty knowledgeable with real estate, trading markets using leverage (margin), how to monetize websites, etc.).

Anyway, back to the penny story to show you what you must avoid if you want to gain financial freedom.

After doubling and reinvesting your penny for 15 days, you will accumulate over $300.  Not bad from just a penny.  Fast forward to day 20 and now you’ve got over $10,000.  Boy you’ve worked hard and waited a long time to reach that $10k mark and probably are really tempted to treat yourself to a first class home entertainment center, huh (or whatever you want)?  It’s up to you.


Most people blow it, just when real money starts coming in.

You, however, know that this is when the money goes on steroids!

Just 4 more reinvestment’s and you’re over $150,000.  Three more, and you’re over $1,000,000!

Now, most people will not risk $80,000 and try and double it.  But, the lesson here is: Compounding (or reinvesting) your money CAN gain you Financial Freedom!  (see *** below)

If you put this knowledge to work, you not only will gain financial freedom, but now can buy a home entertainment center twice as good,  AND have the freedom to work or just relax.

Poor people buy consumables first and assets (cash machines) second.

***Rich people buy consumables second and assets first.

By doing what most people don’t do, they have what most people don’t have. Imagine having assets working to buy all your consumables, instead of you working.  How would that change your life?

When you buy nothing but consumables, you’ll be in the never ending, dreaded  cycle, called the “rat race.”  Hint: buy/build as many “cash machines” before you buy your “toys.”

That’s how you gain  financial freedom.  So how can you put this knowledge into practice?  Read on.

A Free And Simple Way You Can Start Today To Parlay Your “Penny”

Here is almost a guaranteed way to double your money (or make some kind of profit) if you’ve done some simple research I’m about to show you.

1. Go to one of the world’s largest market place to research an item that’s sitting in your house > > eBay (you need an account (Free) to do this research).

2. Enter the item you wish to research (and eventually sell) in the search box. Make sure it’s the exact item, i.e. model #, brand name, size, condition, etc.

3. Check “Completed listings” in the left margin (you must be signed in to use this feature), and see what it has actually sold for.  Green numbers mean it has sold.  Red means it did not sell.

With this 5 minute research, you have just gathered market value for an item.  If you can get it for less than market value, you will probably make a profit.

This is taking a calculated risk.

There are free tutorials on eBay if this is your first time selling.

Sign up to see the market value of anything sitting in your house using eBay’s market data.  It’s FREE on eBay

REMEMBER: It Just Took 30 Reinvestment’s To Turn .01 Into Over $10 Million!

Buying and reselling is easy, but it does take about a week or two to complete a transaction and you must physically ship a product. 

HOWEVER, with some skills, you can exploit the speed and 24/7 nature of the internet selling and/or marketing OTHER peoples products.  This is called Affiliate/Internet Marketing.

*NO inventory to manage

*NO customer complaints to handle

*NO set hours to work

If you have never heard of affiliate/internet marketing, I suggest you learn for free first before investing any money in eBooks or memberships.  I recommend these two free sources.  They are good people:

Bum Marketing


Only when you reach a point of stagnation would I suggest you join a paid membership site.  This is when you’re ready to learn and will get the most for your money.  Just make sure the site you join lets you interact with other successful affiliates.  I found that it’s the best way to make fast progress because each person will encounter different obstacles.  And, getting specific answers to your specific questions is the MOST  VALUABLE part of a membership site.

I personally like one in particular.

After researching places and people to learn from and contemplating for about a year, I finally chose Wealthy Affiliate University (it’s not cheap).  There were also multiple recommendations from people I follow and trust.  Just do your due diligence before joining any site!

How Can You Use The Penny Story Lesson With Affiliate/Internet Marketing?

The concept is easy to understand, but successful execution require skills.

1. Make a website that makes money (selling or promoting other people’s product(s))

2. Take any revenue and invest it in any way to bring more (targeted) traffic to that site

3. Repeat step 2

Learn the exact strategies that have made Kyle and Carson very wealthy affiliate marketers.

Moral of this story:

1. Anyone can start since money is not required to buy inventory (and you know the selling process)

2. The secret to gain financial freedom is to reinvest your profits and let your money work for you.

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