How To Become Rich Image 01This post will talk about 2 ways on how to become rich.  These two ways are a lot more fun than saving your way to wealth because the potential is unlimited!  Yes, you are only limited to what you can “see.”  Keep reading and you’ll know what I mean by “see.”

What if I told you of two safe ways to become an entrepreneur?  Would you be more willing to try it and pursue your dream of financial freedom?

One way doesn’t require any money but does require you to go out there and arrange deals.  The other way does requires a little money (less than $30 as of this writing) unless you know how to do it already, but does not require you to go out and make any deals.  In other words, you do the work in the convenience of your home.

If you’ve always wanted to try and make money as an entrepreneur but were afraid of taking big risks, then reading on will change your financial future (if you take action).

OK, this method is about the entrepreneur that no one knows about…the risk averse entrepreneur.  Did you know there was such a thing?  You don’t want to skip this!

Method 1:

Basically, your job is to think of/find people that are in some kind of (financial) predicament where working with you can help them out of it.  If your plan works out, their problem will be solved.  So, all you are going to do is gather all the pieces together and try and turn a profit for everyone, including yourself.  Confused?  Let me explain using an example.

Let’s say you want to start a baby gift shop.  To get things rolling, you basically need a place for your shop, some inventory, and sales people.  But remember, we hate risk, right?  So what do we do?

Put on your entrepreneurial glasses and find a commercial property owner that has a vacant place that’s been sitting for a while.  I’m sure he/she is losing money every month that place sits vacant so they would be willing to work with you.

Now, what if you proposed to him/her that you have a business idea of selling baby gifts and that you want to try it out for two months in his place.  In exchange, you will give him a share of only the monthly revenues MADE.  And, if all works out as planned and business makes enough to cover all expenses, you will pay him above market rent.  What has he/she got to lose?  After all, he’s/she’s losing money already.  See how how the deal is tempting for the property owner and how they would want your business to succeed?

Next, you put out a free ad in Craigslist (a free online classified with well over a million visitors a day) to find households with unused baby gifts.  They can expose it in a real brick and mortar store and turn that dust collector into some cash.  Again, you inform them that they will only get paid if their item sells.  NO risk to you again.

Finally, get college students practicing to be professional sales persons and tell them you have a place where they can practice their profession and their income will be based (only) on what is sold.  It’s a great place for them to practice but more importantly, again, you are not risking any cash to pay their wage.

If after the two months trial period your idea is not profitable, you vacate the store, take your experience and education you learned on the job, and try another idea, ALL WITHOUT LOSING 1 CENT!

Are you starting to see how the risk averse entrepreneur thinks?

The income comes FIRST, then the expenses.

Ingrain this in your head and the opportunities are endless.  Only persistence will stop you from achieving your financial freedom dream.

Now, on to method number two.

Method 2:How To Become Rich Image 2

If you want to become rich and be financially free indefinitely, all income must cover all expenses.  Duh, you knew that.  But, there are two ways to approach this.

You either “spend less than you make”, or “make more than you spend.”

Similar effect, but totally different thinking AND OUTCOMES.

Do you think the first way?  The problem with that is that you can only reduce your spending so much, and then what?  You are also in a scarcity mind set and hanging on to everything does not help you bring in more money.

Where do you spend most of your time?  After you read through this post, I hope you will spend most of your time looking for ways to increase your income.

Now, as you know, there are lot’s of ways to increase your income, but I’ll show you one in particular and the reasons why it is a favorite among many regular people like yourself.

It’s a fact that you can only work x amount of hours in a day, right?  So, if you want to increase your income, you must  leverage yourself.  But because we’re looking for a safe way, we will not leverage with debt.

So what’s a safe leverage?  The internet.  And, you must build something that requires only a little maintenance – also known as passive income.

Did you adjust your thinking from “spending less…” to “making more…” yet?

Life will be much more fun once you have the ability to “see” opportunities, so start making that shift.  In fact, the course you will see allows you to seize any opportunity you see fit.

Just think, you have been putting your dreams on hold because you thought becoming rich, or should I say financially free, was “rocket science” and  required a lot of risk.  Not true at all!

Let me share one safe way to make money online.


UPDATE: 3/3/14   Watch Video Here for a FREE Way To

Learn How You Can Make Money Online


Course below has been taken down.

How To Become Rich Using Free Methods Image 3

Based on over 2 years of experience, I think the best way to start earning income online is to sell other people’s products by writing articles.  Why?

You can do it on your own time and it doesnt require any money after the one time “tuition” because the method uses all FREE resources.

See how much tuition is for your local college.  Do they have classes on how to make money for under $30?  If so, take it.  It is money well invested.

And in case you’re wondering, NO, THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK course.  This is a realistic plan and will require your time and effort.

Don’t like the effort part?

I’ll tell you something based on experience.  The effort part was not even a factor because learning new things that will one day make you money is fun and addicting!  Trust me when I say you will have sleepless nights once you come across a method that has tons of possibilities to make money.

Imagine what it will feel like the day you walk into your bosses office and hand him your two week notice.  Or, the day when you’ll be educated enough to teach someone else what you know?  I know you will say the money, time, and effort you put in was WELL worth it.

It isn’t luck that make dreams happen.  It’s honest time and effort.  It’s up to you to make it happen.

Just a word of warning: if you tell your family and/or friends you are going to try and make a living online, they will probably tell you that it can’t be done, or that you will be scammed.

And to be fair, they are right because there are a lot of scams out there.  And a lot of people don’t make money after buying a program because they expect success overnight.  And what happens when they don’t make the $100 in one week?  They quit and say it doesn’t work.  And, your family and friends will tell you “I told you so!”

So, if you’re not willing to put in your fair share of work, this course you’re about to see will not work.  If you’re willing to put in a good faith effort for a good 8 weeks, you WILL get a chance to see the results of your effort.  If you don’t see the results promised, return it and move on to some other way to create passive income.

Pursue Your Financial Freedom Goal With A No Risk Beginners Course

I am sure you’re feeling apprehensive if this is your first make money online course.  I’ve been there just like you.  My first course cost $97 and required me to pay an additional $9.95/month hosting account.  Yes, I was lost trying to upload my scripts for my website.  I didn’t like the fact that I had ongoing monthly expenses.  But in hindsight, I learned a heck of a lot and I’m using those skills right now building this website.

With what I know now, this would be the perfect course for me if I had to start over.  Videos to learn from and copy and ZERO monthly fees.  And, you can build as many of these free money machines once you learn the process.

I’ve paid my dues and can now discern between a quality course and a “slapped together” course.

This course is packed with GREAT information and is a steal for under $30 (again, as of this writing).  But the most important part about this course is the product owner.  He gives you a heck of a lot because he cares about your success.  Side note: I am part of a paid membership site ($47-$97/month) that he is a part of, too, and it’s all about Internet Marketing.  So, this is what he does for a living and he teaches from experience, not theory.

Now that you know 2 ways on how to become rich the fun and safe way, it’s up to you to make it happen.

I’d like to leave you with a quote from the “Declaration of Independence” that you may have skimmed through.  We are all created equal and have certain rights, two of which are GIVEN to you.  The third right is up to you and will determine your (financial) future.

You have the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of  Happiness!”

I hope I have inspired you to “make it happen.”

-Charlie    NOTE: Above course has been taken down

UPDATE 3/3/14: Watch Video Here –  FREE Tools and Tutorials On How To Make Money From Home ($0 Cost)

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