If you can get traffic you can make money…PERIOD! 

Free Traffic Image 01So, in this blog post I’m going to show you just that…how to get lots of FREE traffic, anytime, with less than an hours work , in 1 day, everyday.

REMEMBER: traffic is nothing more than a particular type of people that found your page because of an interest they had.  And, EVERY ONE of us has some need or want that we’re willing to take some kind of action.  Sometimes we buy that product or service that’s going to solve our problem, and sometimes we just want more information (in which case you can give it to them via an opt-in and market to them later, or put some (adsense) ads on the page).  The point is, with traffic, you can make money some how.

Sooooo, let’s learn how to get traffic fast  (be sure you know the 4 parts in this formula, and if you’re STILL having problems making money online, see the Bonus Help at the end)

Use The Power Of The Media

Everyday, something is talked about on the radio or TV, over and over, that makes you want to find more information about.  You’re not the only one.  And, you can exploit that if your know how.  This is the topic that’s in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other people’s minds.  If your friends and family talk about the same topic, you KNOW that topic is viral!

When people hear something on the radio or TV, they look for it onlineThis is where the savvy internet marketer comes in.

This is one method to getting FAST traffic becaus:

  1. the media is “advertising” for you.
  2. The competition is low 

(See below for “Quick Competition Tip”)

Finding The Keyword

If you keep using keyword techniques everyone else is using, competition will be tough.  So, here are just two techniques you can implement right now:

Finding Keywords Technique 1 (no expensive keyword tool needed)

Free Traffic Image 02Use a FREE keyword tool…your brain.  That right.  Let’s say you see a TV show talking about a bunch of quotes that Charlie Sheen made because it was so “out there.”  You gather all this information and let your brain spit out the keyword, “Charlie Sheen sayings.”  Do a quick competition check by putting your keyword in quotes.  If it’s 400 or less, it’s a go!

But what about the traffic stats, you say?  These keywords are so new, they don’t have stats according to Google.  I’ll get to the results after I tell you the other steps to getting FREE traffic in just 1 day.

Quick Competition Tip: If your initial competition check say over 400, keep clicking the last number on the bottom of the SERPs until you see image 4 message.

Free Traffic Image 03


Free Traffic Image 04

This is your Quoted Search Results competition.

Free Traffic Image 05

Free Traffic Image 06



Finding Keywords Technique 2 – “Take Away The Middle”

If you’re not great at coming up with your own keywords, turn to Google…BUT, not their Adwords keyword tool.  Use their “real time” tool.

I’m sure you noticed Google’s suggestions as you typed something in the search box.  Those are generated by actual people typing in those keywords and Google Instant will show you the top related searches.   Now most people will type in a keyword and run through the alphabet before and/or after the keyword to get suggestions.  And this can yield some great low competition keywords. (we’ll call this technique “add to the ends” for reference sake )

But, I want to teach you the “take away the middle” technique to get MORE awesome hot topic keywords to generate lots of FAST traffic.

By doing the “add to the ends” technique mentioned above let’s say you came up with the keyword “charlie sheen new show.”  Now, let’s apply the “take away the middle” technique.

Go to Google and try this now:

  1. Type in “charlie sheen new show” in the search box.
  2. Highlight the word “new” and delete it.
  3. BAM!  Google tells us what people are searching for about this hot topic.  Could you have thought of that?

Free Traffic Image 07


Now, proceed to the next section to get some fast traffic.

Exploit StreetArticles.com (post Panda) Ranking Power

You can use any article directory you think has indexing and ranking power.  But, StreetArticles.com have been doing well post Panda.

  1. Write a UNIQUE (not spun) article on that keyword you chose.
  2. Put the keyword in the title of the article, and in the first paragraph ONLY.
  3. Now, write naturally to please the reader, NOT Google!  (If your keyword comes out naturally when you write, then that’s fine.  But, do not force it.)
  4. Put 1 or 2 anchor text links linking over to your webpage with more similar information (TIP: embed a related YouTube Video on your webpage so your anchor text can have the word “video” inside.  People love to see videos and will click over.  This is what you want).

Do NOT use a call to action in the anchor text such as “Click Here For Charlie’s Video” because it will not get accepted.  It NEEDS to flow, i.e. …Charlie Sheen has been going off the deep end lately.  In this controversial video, he said some offensive things…  (you can use “controversial video” as your anchor text because it flows).


How To Get Social Power For SEO (Twitter, G+, Facebook, PINterest)

It’s actually pretty easy.  If you write a quality and TIMELY article you can get social love.

Hot topics are TIMELY  so you got that covered.

But, if you have a quality, timely AND emotional triggering article, you can bet you will reap all the benefits of social love…TRAFFIC (TIP: put a nice image in your article so people (and you if you have an account) can PIN it).

That is the social confirmation Google loves, and it creates back links for you in the process, all AUTOMATICALLY …forever!


Results Of That Keyword “Charlie Sheen sayings” (generated with NO Keyword tool)?

  • Time to write Article > 15 minutes (your time will be different)
  • Time to get Indexed and Ranking in Google > 1 hour (after getting approved by Street Articles) and it Ranked #2
  • Traffic Article Received > 461 views over 2 days!

And that’s just ONE hot topic keyword!  How many variations can you think of with this one topic (see keyword technique 2 if you’re having trouble)?

Fact is, there are TONS of hot topics and millions of keywords that will get you ooooodles of traffic…FREE!


POTENT FREE Traffic in 1 Day Formula:

Free Traffic Image 08




Making Consistent Money Online Is A Skill.  This Is Where Coaches Help You Develop That.


Free Traffic Image 09

Click To Get Help Now With The “Starter Membership” – Currently FREE

Did you know 95% of people who try to make a living online quit?  It’s because they’re expecting what the sales page tell them…:

“Make $100 a Day in Just 7 Days!”

I fall for it.  Most of us do.  But it’s completely misleading!

Can it be done?  You bet, and even more!

But, like every professional career, it takes schooling, skill development, and lots of ongoing help to make that kind of money, EVEN IF YOU OUTSOURCE.  I guarantee you NO NEWBIE made $100 in 7 days on his/her own.

This is where schooling (NOT just one magic guide) and a dependable, 24/7, support system can help you make consistent income.

The 3 Factors Of Finding Support

There’s a bunch of “gurus” that offer coaching, but it pretty much comes down to:

  1. who’s advice you trust
  2. what they’re charging for coaching
  3. and if they a vested interest in your success (is that their business?)

Free Traffic Image 11Out of frustration, I FINALLY looked into coaching.  And, to be honest, I foolishly didn’t listen to all their advice.  But, I now realize what they’ve been preaching is true.  There’s eternal benefits when you write good quality content.

People share what’s helpful, meaningful, and written, first and foremost, with them in mind.

EXAMPLE: My site that was NOT Search Engine Optimized but written just to help the visitor is the one getting the most traffic (on its own!) and is converting the best (12%!)

Who are these coaches?

For me personally I chose Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate University (now known as the Open Education Project).    But, again, it’s who ever YOU feel comfortable with.

What made me choose them?

  • Access To Two Coaches (Kyle and Carson.  Plus, I knew 2 Well Known members (“PotPieGirl” (Jennifer) and the “Bum Marketer” (Travis)) have also contributed to helping members inside and I wanted to get their advice, too.
  • Text and Video Tutorials
  • Live Webinars Every Friday
  • Free Hosting with Unlimited Websites
  • 3 Step WordPress Site Builder (an exclusive)
  • Constant Updating (over $6 million reinvested in this members only site).  One of the updates was a FASTER “Real Time” platform (now you can ask questions in real time, and whoever is logged in can Instant Message you any answers they know.  This is AWESOME when one of the “gurus” is on the Live Chat.  You’ll get answers immediately!)
  • …plus sooooo MUCH MORE you can check out for yourself (FREE entry as of this post).

If you have a Facebook account (to show you are a real person) you can sign up for FREE and ask whatever questions you may have.

Free Traffic Image 10

  • NO obligation
  • NO Credit Card
  • GUARANTEED You’ll Take Something Away! (even if you don’t think it’s for you)


Get FREE Advice here – and MUCH, MUCH MORE!




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