How To Make Money On WordPress

wordpressAs you already probably know, WordPress is THE website platform of choice!  That’s because it’s flexible and has TONS of themes and plugins that “pimp” out your site, many of which are are FREE!  But, let’s get to the question of this blog “How To Make Money On WordPress?

OK, let’s get started.  Everything here will be FREE so there is no excuse for even a broke newbie to get off his/her butt right NOW and learn how to make money online.

BIG Step 1: (I’m not sure if you have to create a (FREE) account  first or not, but nonetheless, here’s everything from how money is made online to building a website to choosing your niche to keyword research.  Phew…that’s a LOT of free stuff!  Here’s the Tutorial.  (when you get to the “build your website” section you will see a REALLY cool exclusive tool where you can put up a WordPress site in literally under a minute!)

Step 2: Learn 7 ways to  get traffic to your WordPress website.

Step 3: Learn 6 different ways to make money with your WordPress website.

Now, those tutorials are pretty deep with money making information.  I suggest you dig in and ask questions when you’re stuck.  There are people hanging out in this community 24/7.  You can also leave me a question or comment on my profile page.

Important Tidbit: Failure and Success are NOT opposites.  They come together.  If you can read and have the desire to make money online, you can and WILL manifest that dream.

Create a FREE account and get started.  This brand new “free membership” has opened the doors for ANYONE to make money online.  Take massive advantage of it NOW before they change this membership.

See you inside!


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