Is eBay still a great place to make money, especially after making all those rule changes?  Absolutely! 

How To Use eBay To Make Money Image 1You just have to be a little creative to figure out how to use eBay to make money (and there are more ways than just depending on a listing).

How can you leverage those millions of READY buyers (meaning their credit card “is already out” and ready for action)?

If you can come up with some ideas you can give yourself a pay raise almost instantly!

Let me give you an example on how to use ebay to make money (a different way). I won’t take the credit for it, but when you’re willing to be a student, you learn a lot from other people (this one is from Silent Sales Machine ).

OK Way To eBay

OK, let’s say you have done some research using the “Completed Listings” search option on eBay and found something that sold almost all the time (meaning it’s currently hot) and attracted a lot of bids.  You come up with a realistic selling price based on what all the other auctions sold for (the numbers are in green).  Well, if you listed the exact same item you will have a great chance of making a profit if you can get it for less than it actually sells.

Researching your market reduces your risk of losing money and it’s just plain smart to do some homework.  You can profit almost every time if you just do this.

Isn’t this how a good eBayer makes money?  Yes, but  WHO CARES!!!  What do I mean?  Read on.

Maximize Your Earnings With eBay

This post is about how to USE ebay to make money (differently).  Everyone else uses that old slow way to make money on eBay.  You know…make money off ONE buyer.

What about ALL the other visitors to your auction?  They came by, probably really interested in your product, but ended up going home with nothing.

Poor them, and especially poor YOU!

They ALL could be potential customers.  Stop worrying about selling that one item and focus on that whole group of INTERESTED BUYERS that came by.  They could have been directed to get a free (related) report emailed to them, for example, and sold something else on the back-end.  That one auction could bring MULTIPLE sales had you catered to their interest.  Now, doesn’t it sound more fun not worrying about profiting on your auction?

Attracting maximum traffic is now your main objective and you can simply do this by listing (currently) popular items, using the maximum auction length (10 days as of this post), starting your auction at .01, etc.

Do you see the potential ONE auction can bring?  They are not just visitors to your auction site, but they are targeted buying visitors.  This is what internet marketers work so hard for, and eBay helps you get that REALLY fast.

Learn How to USE eBay To Make Money Right NOW.  The above strategy can be found in Chapter 4.3, pg. 26 in Silent Sales Machine

The Easiest Idea Generating Exercise You Can Use With eBay Auctions Or Your Website To Make More Money

How To Use eBay To Make Money Image 2One of the BEST ideas in the book is also the simplest.  It is an exercise you can do now or 50 years from now and it will still be useful to generating more money.

It’s a simple one sentence fill in the blank exercise.  That’s it!

This is how you come up with your own “Silent Sales Machine.”  I guarantee

you’ll have more ideas than you can put into action…and that in itself will make you want to wake up an go do some “work.”

If you decide to check out the book…

Go right to Chapter 4.1 on pg. 19 to see the unlimited potential of this simple exercise.

[STARRATER] (Read this?  Click a star to leave your rating)

The Silent Sales Machine: Automatic Online Profits by Jim Cockrum

DESCRIPTION: You’ll find TONS of ideas such as:

  • where to go to interview experts so you don’t have to write your own info product
  • where in your neighborhood you can find cheap items to profitably resell
  • what to include or exclude in your listings to get the most auction traffic,
  • how to maximize (a.k.a turn into cash) ALL your auction traffic (or the traffic of other Power Sellers if you want to do Joint Ventures)
  • taking all this Off-line with your local businesses
  • and many  more.

Generating the traffic and turning them into back-end sales or leads is the crux of “Silent Sales Machine.”

This book keeps on giving with free updates for all book owners and an access to a continually updated resource page.


  • You are someone who needs step by step instructions on how to create auctions efficiently and effectively
  • You are looking to generate your income from the  eBay auctions itself (focus is more on back-end sales)
  • You don’t know how to build a website / blog (paid or free) to feature a back-end product (you need to have or will have to learn these skills and you might quit before you even see your first dollar)


  • You are familiar with building a web page, setting up PayPal, Clickbank, or other services to accept payment for your back-end sales
  • You are familiar with Internet marketing because he’ll give you really creative ways to tap into the BUYING and bring them to your website/landing page (cross promotion)
  • You you don’t have ideas on how to USE ebay to make money.  There are so many exciting ideas to implement that you’ll be referring to this book a year later.

GUARANTY: 8 Weeks Money Back

COST: $24.95

Click Here To Get 2 Chapters of the #1 eBook (as voted by members of “SilentSalesMachine” Free (if a box does NOT pop-up with the offer, it has been removed – Sorry!).

Learn How To Captue eBay’s Buying Traffic And Convert It Into Cash Now!

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