Internet Marketing Career ImageIve been pretty addicted to this whole internet marketing stuff, so I thought to myself, why not heed the advice of following your passion?  Since then, I’ve been pursuing an Internet Marketing Career and loving every minute of it.  I’m finally living the life of “never having to work a day in your life” because I actually look forward to doing the work.

Have you ever bought books in hopes of making money “tomorrow?”  Me too, so don’t feel bad if it didn’t work out like you expected.  You’re learning, as did I.

With more experience, knowledge, and webpages built out on the internet, maybe you might be able to execute a strategy that brings in fast money.  But, for those of us without experience, you may be one of the exceptions that make money as fast as the product claims, but DON’T count on it.

But, if you eventually want to make “job quitting” money and call internet marketing your career, you have to learn some things that add up to more money for you.    See one thing you can do to help your conversion rate in the video below.

So, What’s The Key Word In Making It?

Let me reassure you that failing on your first attempt is not an indication of whether or not you’ll make money online.

There was a blog post by a brilliant speaker and marketer named Seth Godin and in it, he wrote about the “secret of the web.”  Ironically, with the speed and leverage of the internet, it’s PATIENCE!  Doing the steps correctly and letting the results manifest is what it’s about.

As Seth put it, “Google was a very good search engine for two years before you started using it.  The iPod was a dud.

I know you want fast results and “cheating” (black hat) is very tempting.  But what happens when cheaters get “caught?”

Why You Want To Do It Right The First Time

Think about Google’s number one mission.  It’s to bring the users good, relevant search results so they have a “good user experience.”  The better their experience, the more they use Google.  The more they use Google, the more eyes see their AdWords Ads.  And, the more eyes that see those ads, the more money Google makes.

Soooooo, think that you’ll still be an internet marketer 5 years from now and give things time to manifest into money.

Take time to learn what has worked for other SUCCESSFUL internet marketers at places like  Wealthy Affiliate University, or any other similar school where they have tutorials, tools, interaction with members, and even coaching from those that made hundreds of thousands of dollars(and in some cases millions).

Video From A Wealthy Affiliate Member That Has Made Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

One thing you can do to converting your efforts into money is to have great content.  Content that makes them say, “A-ha,” or “Wow, I”m glad I found this out…”  Watch this video for an example:

So, if you want to have an Internet Marketing career, do not quit just because you didn’t make any money your first attempt.  That’s normal.

With some hand-holding from those that make a living online, combined with your understanding that you are building your future, you will succeed.

Good luck with your Internet Marketing Career!

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