Help With Credit Card Debt ImageIf you think you need help with credit card debt, pat yourself on the back!   Psychologists say you have done the toughest part.  Cliche as it may sound, admitting a problem is what ultimately led you to this page.  And you will get 2 proven solutions because you wanted to help yourself.  These programs combined have literally helped over 5 million people experience a debt free, less stressful, life.

Look What You’ve Accomplished Already!

Ask yourself, did you think of your debt situation as minor, and that you’ll get serious about your finances soon?  And the debt only grew?  You’re definitely not alone.  This “I’ll address this later” attitude is how people keep digging themselves into deeper and deeper debt.

They can’t see that there is a problem growing right under their nose and that it needs to be addressed now.  You, however, have realized that you had enough of this B.S., and that is a big accomplishment!

You Have To Hand It To Those Marketers

I don’t know how you got yourself into debt but chances are you were young when marketers lured you in.  When you’re young, there is no sense of responsibility yet.  The typical thinking is “live for today” and we’ll worry about tomorrow when it comes.

I mean what would any kid do when they can have $3,000 at their disposal, right now?  To that young college student, that means getting that swag outfit,  going out to dinner with friends, and throwing that 5 keg party every weekend, complete with live music.  All that cost money… money they don’t have, except for that conveniently placed credit to their name.

Can You Imagine Life Without Credit Card Debt?

Your decision to help yourself get out of credit card debt means you will save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in interest just by the mere fact that you do not have debt.  You won’t be working to make the bank rich (with  interests payments) but rather building wealth for yourself. And how would it feel if you never see that statement every again saying “you OWE US $____?”  It’s time to FREE yourself!

Easiest Thing You Can Do Right Now Is Stop Getting Into More Debt

How can you stop accumulating debt?  Simple. Pay cash (sort of, as you’ll see).

You’re probably wondering what about the times when I can’t pay cash, i.e. when making phone orders or online purchases?  VERY simple.  Ask your bank if they have a check card.  It acts just like a credit card but without the possibility of going into debt  IF you set it up right.  Set it up so that you DO NOT have overdraft protection.  This is a “mechanical” means of NEVER going into debt.  Fees are normally minimal or even free.

Your card should protect you from unauthorized transactions if you ever lost or stolen.  Report it IMMEDIATELY if either occurs.  This helps your defense if the criminal cleans out your checking account.

If you have a lot of money  in your checking account and do not want to take chances with unauthorized withdrawals, you could get a RushCard, which is also a debit card.

However, you can keep most of your cash safe by loading up this card with only a small amount of money.  This way, if you lose the RushCard, the thief will only have access to a small portion of your account, and not your whole checking account.  You have all the benefits of a credit card without the risk of going into debt.  Apply for a Visa RushCard -even if you have imperfect credit.

If You Need Professional Help

Once you have stopped going into more debt, it’s time to get rid of your existing debt.

Solution 1: If you are a do it yourself (DIY) person, there is no better person to motivate you, give you a debt destruction plan, and offer you life changing wisdom than Dave Ramsey.  His  Total Money Makeover tells you not only how to get out of debt, but STAY out.  If you are sick of being a slave to a lender and are self-motivated, then this book will give you the plan and encouragement needed to become truly financially free.  It’s all DONE FOR YOU.  It’s simple and effective (because it is fueled by emotion).  After all, IIIIFFFF we were logical creatures (and not emotional creatures), we would not be in debt in the first place, right?  $16 is a bargain for what it gives you.

If a book does not work for you, you can try a professional human being (see next solution).

Solution 2: If you have multiple debts and want to consolidate them and work with a human being to discuss your personal circumstances, watch the video to hear how Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc. helps its clients.

See what Consolidated Credit Counseling Services can do for you – FREE Consultations Now

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