With the economy forcing people to tighten their wallets, there is a need to keep people entertained without breaking their bank.  Here you will find the best free entertainment ideas that people would gladly pay for.  You gotta love free entertainment…so let’s begin.

Computer Lovers:

If you’ve gotten a hold of some cool software program you know that learning all of its cool features can be fun…and time consuming.  It’s a perfect way to pass time and entertain yourself for days on end.  Well, http://www.giveawayoftheday.com has partnered up with these developers and offers one FREE licensed software everyday (24 hour period) to its visitors.  Go here for one of the best free entertainment ideas for computer lovers.

Game Lovers:

This is a sister site to giveawayoftheday.com and is tailored to the PC game enthusiast.  This site however does not give away a game everyday, so be sure to check back often, or just subscribe to their email list and be notified when a free game download is available.  Go here for one of the best free entertainment ideas for game lovers.

Movie Lovers:

Assuming you are viewing this on YOUR computer, you never have to pay for a movie ticket again (legally).  Get your popcorn ready because one of the best free entertainment ideas for movie lovers is a site called hulu.com.  This site is free for you because it is ad supported.  You’ll have a few commercial interruptions, but that’s when you refill your popcorn and take a bathroom break.

Hulu.com is also for U.S. viewers only.  To learn how to watch from abroad read http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-watch-movies-and-shows-on-hulu-sling-from-abroad/ .

The site is Adobe Flash based so you will need to download the player here (you could also read about the player at http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/ if you’d like).  Also, see if you meet hulu.com’s system requirements to watch movies.

Another site that is similar to hulu.com is sling.com so you can check their selections as well.

Outdoor Lovers:

If you’re a golfer, you know that in order to play on a course you have to pay what is known as a green fee.  This can run anywhere in the teens to over a hundred dollars, not to mention the cost of equipment.

Well, what has become really popular is something called Frisbee golf, or disc golf.  The best part about disc golf is the “green fees” are free at most courses.  If there is a charge, it’s minimal.  There are special discs made which are heavier than your typical Frisbee and fly further, but you still can play the game with Frisbees laying around your house.  In fact, all you need is a big park and you can create your own course.  Just select a tree or pole as a target and declare whether it is a par 3, 4, or, if you’re at a really big park, a par 5.  You can make the course simple or create your own out of bounds, water hazards, etc.

Pack a cooler with lunch and have a fun day in the sun with your family and friends.  This can entertain you for hours.

See if you can be entertained for free with a disc golf course near you (just pick your state and/or country and hit search.  A gold coin with a dollar sign indicates there is a fee).

If any of these free entertainment ideas do not suit you, go to Google and type in “100 free things to do in _______ (fill in your city)” and I’m sure you’ll find a list of the best free entertainment ideas sponsored by your local community.

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