Ways To Make Money In School ImageWhen I was in college I needed some extra money for those, you know, non-school related expenses.  But, I didn’t have a car to drive to work.  This limited my options for ways to make money in school.   My only options were student jobs on campus or working part-time at some nearby business.

But, working part-time on your employers terms while going to school was tough because when my employer needed me, I felt obligated to go in because I wanted to be a good employee.

Fast forward 15 years later, things have changed.  Now, I’m not against working the traditional way (at some business down the street) because honest money is money that pays bills.

But, the tremendous growth in the “make money ONLINE” niche has opened up a lot more options.  All one needs is a computer, an internet, and some kind of skill.

Now days, many businesses are looking online to fulfill mundane tasks, and even highly skilled tasks.  It can be something as simple as writing, or something more advanced such as graphic or web design, or anything in between.

As always, a little caution is advised when dealing with people one on one.  The safest way is to go through a third party that has a vested interest in providing a safe environment for job providers and job seekers.  There are quite a few of these “escrow” businesses popping up since it is convenient and efficient for both parties.  Odesk is just one example of such “escrow,” but if you just Google something like “flexible online employment platform” you will see a few similar types of sites.

This would be equivalent to providing a service for a local business and getting paid for those hours worked.  The only difference is you have the option to take a job or not, and the convenience of working from your computer.

As far as the fastest way to reach the ultimate goal (“retirement”), saving your way to wealth is OK but it takes too long.  A better plan, in my opinion, is to generate some sort of passive income.  This can come in the form of real estate, a brick and mortar business, or my personal favorite, an online business (more specifically for me, affiliate marketing/internet marketing).

Many years after graduation, I got into affiliate marketing / Internet marketing and made my first dollar.  I was hooked!

This is just something I ENJOY doing and is an important part if you want to succeed in anything, so pick something you would enjoy doing even at age 75.

The following is for those that don’t need money tomorrow but is willing to wait in exchange for the benefits of passive income:

Learn How To Make Money As An Internet Marketer Now

If you like what you see in the link above, look for the Step by Step “Hand Holding” Bonus Success In 30 Days to see results in 30 days (it was on the home page after logging in as of this posting)!

The minute I heard about the concept of affiliate marketing, I was instantly motivated to see how others made it work.  So, I bought books and memberships and learned as much as I could.

I put up these web pages (or landing page as they’re called) and drove some traffic to them (using FREE methods like search engine optimization (SEO), writing articles, social book marking, etc.), and rarely (or even never) did more work on them…YET, it still made me some money (not to retire yet, but nonetheless cash).  Needless to say, I LOVED it.

If you need money sooner rather than later, trade your time for money.  There are many ways to make money in school here.

But, it’s never to soon to start building passive income.  And, the sooner you start the faster you can cut hours from a traditional job.

Check out what you can get right now if you love to work with computers and the internet.

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