Do you seriously want to eventually leave your job and work from home (or wherever there’s an internet connection)? Then you need to do this. First, stop the black hat, i.e. spamming, tricking visitors, etc. and do things right from the very start. Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU) teaches you just this (“white hat” strategies …so that your business you build stands the test of time. If you’re curious to see what WAU can teach you, I recommend you to at least give it a try. You’ll be blown away with all that’s inside, GUARANTEED! Check out this Wealthy Affiliate Bonus, join now, and if it doesn’t out deliver like I think it would, cancel it! There is NO LONG-TERM CONTRACT so quit whenever you want. And, as a “thank you for trying it” gift, take the bonus…but I’m sure you’ll want to give it an honest try and come back:)

Why We’re Different From All The Other “Fast Money” Products

Wealthy Affiliate members learn how to create sustainable businesses. This is why they don’t market the “get rich quick” everyone is looking for. The blackhat stuff is short-lived. Then you have to build another stream of income.

All members also get a previously offered Wealthy Affiliate Bonus – “Success in 30 Days” (as of 7/21/2011 it’s on the homepage after you log in). Members normally need to sign up and get chosen to participate in these classroom type courses.

Would you go to a traditional school to learn how to build a long-term business? Then this is for you. The only difference is you do it at your convenience. You have like minded people to network with, millionaires to get advice from, tutorials to review whenever you want, and much, much more!

This is better than school, in my opinion. I know you’ll be BLOWN AWAY with all that’s inside. There is sooooo much inside, you’ll probably never use everything.

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UPDATE: Webinar Over

Personal Experience

This WA webinar is on March 1, 2011 so make sure you sign up here to save a spot.

I took advantage of a similar offer back in 2009 and felt literally like a “kid in a candy store.” For one week, I gathered everything I could and tried to learn it by myself. I was so scattered and overwhelmed that I got no where.

So, I decided to take things in stride and learn slowly. And here I am today with a list of my accomplishments below.

TIP: Don’t try to learn everything. It’s too overwhelming.

If you get in Wealthy Affiliate University and you feel like a “deer in headlights,” you can send me a PM (Private Message) by going to the forum. Just click the “Launch Forum” link at the top, sign-up if you have to, then click the following links: User Control Panel>Private Messages (tab)>(then enter in the “To:” field “SquidooSlfMstr”)

I do article marketing, squdoo lens’, and build wordpress sites and can show you the tutorials that gave doable tasks.

Take Advantage Of This Wealthy Affiliate Special Offer Now

My Latest Accomplishments

I’ve taken the information found in Wealthy Affiliate University and got this site ranked in Google at #2 for my keyword in under 6 months (and that’s b/c I only work on it only when I feel like it … about once every 2 weeks or so – this is the downside of being able to work whenever you want)

It is competing with over 5.3 million pages so I think that’s awesome, in my opinion.

If you can do this, there are so many ways to make money:

  • Flip the site (there is a video on this under the “WAbinar” main menu
  • Put AdSense on the site
  • Put Affiliate Links on the site
  • Capture visitors on an email list
  • Do this for local businesses to get them more business (they’ll be more than happy to pay you if they get more prospects/make more money, guaranteed)

I’m sure you can get it ranked way faster – I’m just lazy.

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