As a current member, I will give you my (short) list of Wealthy Affiliate University complaints. You may be wondering, then, why am I still a member?  Because I weigh the good with the bad, and as long as I’m getting more (value) than what I’m paying, I’ll be happy to keep paying.  It’s the same as asking why would you pay $8,000/year to go to a school that has limited parking and hot classrooms?  The only difference here is you learn the little (and not so little) things that keep you from making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate University Complaints

Now, I’ve had over 14 months to use Wealthy Affiliate’s resources and I still have no clue how to use half the stuff (yes, it’s BIG inside).  But, from what I’ve used, here are the things that I don’t like:

  • Hosting – if you create your own website, this is where your files will be stored.  This is out in cyberland so people can access your website 24 hours a day.  You get Free hosting as a Wealthy Affiliate member, but my experience is that it is down more than I experienced at other places.  And, as a website owner, this sucks!  If your site is not accessible, it CANNOT make any money.  I would rather have HostGator if I had a choice, but I don’t want to pay for more hosting.  That being said, this site is on Wealthy Affiliate’s Hosting so it’s frustrating when I can’t get to my site and update it when I want to.
  • The site times out after a while – this is a major complaint because when you use the Rapid Writer Tool, for example, and you’ve been writing for 20 minutes and click “Save Article,” you would think your article got saved.  When you have to log in again and you go back to your article, you’ll find that IT WASN’T SAVED!  If you use this or any other writing tool, SAVE OFTEN!!!  (The Rapid Writer tool is  where you can write articles while keeping track of keyword density, do some minor spinning, and keep all your articles organized in categories/campaigns)  UPDATE: it seems to be OK now but I still save often to be safe.

These are my (and other member’s) Wealthy Affiliate University complaints.

Some FAQs:

Does Wealthy Affiliate have everything a newbie needs to make money?


Will you make money?

IF you actually do things, use the coaching, ask them questions, and not quit when you encounter frustration (which you will).

Will you make money in 30 days?

It depends on your current skills, your current assets (such as a web property, or the size of your network, etc.), how fast you understand new things, and how consistent you work at it.

Here’s a gauge to see how much you know.  If I told you to you had to apply to an affiliate network, would you understand what I’m talking about?  If I told you you will submit an article to an Article Directory, would you know what I’m talking about?   Do you know what an anchor text is?  Do you know what a wordpress plugin is?

Now, I know this is the reason why you’re considering Wealthy Affiliate University, but if you did understand all that, then you will be able to read through the instructions once and implement it right away.  For the extreme newbie, you might have to read through it several times and ask questions before you implement it.

What have you accomplished as a Wealth Affiliate member?

  • I have got this site ranked to #1 with over 4 million competing pages for the keyword “gain financial freedom” and “how to gain financial freedom” (#2).  And it took about 6 months because I only work on it when I feel like it:(   …like once a week, give or take.
  • I have been approached (through email) by people that want to write for my blog since it is ranked high.
  • My ad sense has been passively making about $9/month.
  • I have just rented out one ad space for about $12/month.

Now this is nothing to brag about but I am ecstatic to making progress with PASSIVE income.  You can definitely go the active income route and sell your services for more money if you want, but that’s not why I got into this.  Internet Marketing skills are definitely in demand so you will have a valuable skill set that you can monetize.

  • I created another (free) site where I got my first $50 commission!  That was my targeted promoted product.  But, the side benefit is I made a little commission on a different product because it was purchased at the same store:)

But, I think THE most important thing I’ve accomplished has nothing to do with money.  I’ve found something I enjoy doing.  I am living my dream NOW rather than waiting until “everything lines up.”

If you’ve been always wanted to learn internet marketing, GO FOR IT NOW!

Live NOW,


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