Will I Be Rich If I Got a $100

If you want to know the answer to “Will I Be Rich?” answer this.  If someone gave you a $100, what just came to mind when you “saw” that $100.  Did you think of getting a toy (a.k.a. a consumable that goes down in value)?  Or, did you see that $100 as “seed” money, as capital, or simply put, as money to make more money?

Your answer will determine your future so let’s learn something  from an 11 year old kid.  It will make you rich (in terms of money).  Will I Be Rich Image 1

Greg was a normal kid in the 5th grade who did his school work like everyone else.  The only difference was what he did outside of his school work.

When Greg was at school, he could see what other kids couldn’t because he was actually looking for it.  All Greg could see was quarters.  And, no, I’m not talking about finding quarters on the ground.

What Greg was looking at was what business people call his “target market.”  And those were all the kids at his school.  He knew them well, after all, he saw them 5 days a week  (this is important if you want to be rich > know what your market wants or needs)

You see, if a kid like Greg got the $100, he knew he had a great chance turning that $100 into $200.  Then, and only then, can he buy a toy with some of the profits, or just repeat what he did to make more money.

All little Greg knew was that his peers love to chew gum and they had quarters to spend.  His basic math skill figured out that if he bought a 20-pack of grape bubble gum for $2 and sold each one for .25 cents, his gross profit would be $3 (20 gum sticks x .25 = $5 minus the cost of gum $2 = $3 profit).

So, all he did was get “in front” of them during recess, at the bus stops, and where ever they hung out.  It was a simple strategy but it worked.

Little Greg teaches you several valuable lessons if you want to be rich.

1. Money that comes in is a seed that when planted, can grow.

2. He likes to buy toys, too, but tries to grow that “seed” first and use the profits to buy toys.  Now, he has the toy AND the “seed.”

3. He’s always looking out for what people want and gets in front of them with that thing.

You can do exactly as Greg does but without ever having to leave your home, and this includes “getting in front of them” to sell that thing that they want.

When you click this link, you will see the exact method that other regular people have used to earn money online. Learn how to execute Greg’s lessons in the 21st century.

So, will you be rich?

Well, I ask you again, what will you do if you had a $100?

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