Easiest Business To Start With Little Money ImageOne of the easiest business to start with little, or even NO money, is selling custom products and having a company manufacture, fulfill, and provide customer service FOR you.

There are several things in your favor: 1)  You can create new products at will when new markets arise  2) Your product is UNIQUE so there is no real competition  3) You have ZERO inventory to buy, store, and manage  4) You don’t have to hire staff to prepare, pack, and fulfill your orders  5) You don’t have to deal with customer complaints!

Does that sound good?  You bet it is!

Well, a new company was launched by one of the top T-Shirt marketers in the Internet Marketing industry (Don Wilson) and he has built a platform from the ground up from a MARKETER’S perspective.   This separates itself from companies like CafePress, Zazzle, Threadless, Teespring, etc. This means YOU get all the tools AND training from someone who sold courses in this very subject for hundreds of dollars, teaching you how to market and sell your custom products.  But, because this is his company, you get all the training and resources FREE!

Consider yourself lucky to find out about such an opportunity because all’z it’s going to cost you to launch your business is FREE – NINTY – FREE!   Yup, nada!  You get the platform, tools, AND training for FREE!  Why?

If you make money, they make money.  You decide how much profit you want to make per sale by selling it for whatever you want.  They make a set fee for each item sold.  That’s a deal!

Currently they have shirts, mugs, necklaces, hats, and a few other stuff.

And get this, they have just launched an AWESOME FEATURE that will get you sales even EASIER.  Watch the video below for a peek:


For a video walk through of how everything works at this company called Gear Bubble, Click Here.






How To Write Sales Copy For Website ImageIf you sell anything online, you NEED to know how to write good “sales copy” for your website.  (HINT: it’s easier than you think.  See links below)


Here’s why.

When a visitor lands on a web page, they are NOT ready to buy most of the time.  Your job as an online Salesman  is to get that visitor “warmed up.”  Do that and he/she will be in a better mindset to make that purchase NOW.

You’ve heard it before.  You have to make the visitor know how the product will BENEFIT THEM, how it will solve THEIR problem(s), and other key triggers copywriters know what to include.

For the skilled copywriter, it’s time consuming.  For the ordinary person with no training, it’s VERY TIME CONSUMING.

BUT, what if you can write copy that’s so good in warming the visitor up that it converts into sales …. and do it all in just MINUTES!?

How To Write Salescopy for Website Image

Well, now you can!

A new “fill in the blanks” software has just launched as part of a whole package that teaches you how to sell OTHER people’s products.

It’s so ridiculously cheap it’s a MUST get right now before the price increases.  Think about how much you would have to pay a professional copywriter and then check how much you can pick up the tool, PLUS another product finding software, PLUS a T-shirt business course, PLUS 4 software to help you make money with your T-shirt business, too!

This tool is NOT advertised as the main product, but as part of the main product.  So, if you want to learn how to write sales copy for your website THERE’S NO NEED!  Let the software write your copy for you.

If you can get traffic you can make money…PERIOD! 

Free Traffic Image 01So, in this blog post I’m going to show you just that…how to get lots of FREE traffic, anytime, with less than an hours work , in 1 day, everyday.

REMEMBER: traffic is nothing more than a particular type of people that found your page because of an interest they had.  And, EVERY ONE of us has some need or want that we’re willing to take some kind of action.  Sometimes we buy that product or service that’s going to solve our problem, and sometimes we just want more information (in which case you can give it to them via an opt-in and market to them later, or put some (adsense) ads on the page).  The point is, with traffic, you can make money some how.

Sooooo, let’s learn how to get traffic fast  (be sure you know the 4 parts in this formula, and if you’re STILL having problems making money online, see the Bonus Help at the end)

Use The Power Of The Media

Everyday, something is talked about on the radio or TV, over and over, that makes you want to find more information about.  You’re not the only one.  And, you can exploit that if your know how.  This is the topic that’s in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other people’s minds.  If your friends and family talk about the same topic, you KNOW that topic is viral!

When people hear something on the radio or TV, they look for it onlineThis is where the savvy internet marketer comes in.

This is one method to getting FAST traffic becaus:

  1. the media is “advertising” for you.
  2. The competition is low 

(See below for “Quick Competition Tip”)

Finding The Keyword

If you keep using keyword techniques everyone else is using, competition will be tough.  So, here are just two techniques you can implement right now:

Finding Keywords Technique 1 (no expensive keyword tool needed)

Free Traffic Image 02Use a FREE keyword tool…your brain.  That right.  Let’s say you see a TV show talking about a bunch of quotes that Charlie Sheen made because it was so “out there.”  You gather all this information and let your brain spit out the keyword, “Charlie Sheen sayings.”  Do a quick competition check by putting your keyword in quotes.  If it’s 400 or less, it’s a go!

But what about the traffic stats, you say?  These keywords are so new, they don’t have stats according to Google.  I’ll get to the results after I tell you the other steps to getting FREE traffic in just 1 day.

Quick Competition Tip: If your initial competition check say over 400, keep clicking the last number on the bottom of the SERPs until you see image 4 message.

Free Traffic Image 03


Free Traffic Image 04

This is your Quoted Search Results competition.

Free Traffic Image 05

Free Traffic Image 06



Finding Keywords Technique 2 – “Take Away The Middle”

If you’re not great at coming up with your own keywords, turn to Google…BUT, not their Adwords keyword tool.  Use their “real time” tool.

I’m sure you noticed Google’s suggestions as you typed something in the search box.  Those are generated by actual people typing in those keywords and Google Instant will show you the top related searches.   Now most people will type in a keyword and run through the alphabet before and/or after the keyword to get suggestions.  And this can yield some great low competition keywords. (we’ll call this technique “add to the ends” for reference sake )

But, I want to teach you the “take away the middle” technique to get MORE awesome hot topic keywords to generate lots of FAST traffic.

By doing the “add to the ends” technique mentioned above let’s say you came up with the keyword “charlie sheen new show.”  Now, let’s apply the “take away the middle” technique.

Go to Google and try this now:

  1. Type in “charlie sheen new show” in the search box.
  2. Highlight the word “new” and delete it.
  3. BAM!  Google tells us what people are searching for about this hot topic.  Could you have thought of that?

Free Traffic Image 07


Now, proceed to the next section to get some fast traffic.

Exploit StreetArticles.com (post Panda) Ranking Power

You can use any article directory you think has indexing and ranking power.  But, StreetArticles.com have been doing well post Panda.

  1. Write a UNIQUE (not spun) article on that keyword you chose.
  2. Put the keyword in the title of the article, and in the first paragraph ONLY.
  3. Now, write naturally to please the reader, NOT Google!  (If your keyword comes out naturally when you write, then that’s fine.  But, do not force it.)
  4. Put 1 or 2 anchor text links linking over to your webpage with more similar information (TIP: embed a related YouTube Video on your webpage so your anchor text can have the word “video” inside.  People love to see videos and will click over.  This is what you want).

Do NOT use a call to action in the anchor text such as “Click Here For Charlie’s Video” because it will not get accepted.  It NEEDS to flow, i.e. …Charlie Sheen has been going off the deep end lately.  In this controversial video, he said some offensive things…  (you can use “controversial video” as your anchor text because it flows).


How To Get Social Power For SEO (Twitter, G+, Facebook, PINterest)

It’s actually pretty easy.  If you write a quality and TIMELY article you can get social love.

Hot topics are TIMELY  so you got that covered.

But, if you have a quality, timely AND emotional triggering article, you can bet you will reap all the benefits of social love…TRAFFIC (TIP: put a nice image in your article so people (and you if you have an account) can PIN it).

That is the social confirmation Google loves, and it creates back links for you in the process, all AUTOMATICALLY …forever!


Results Of That Keyword “Charlie Sheen sayings” (generated with NO Keyword tool)?

  • Time to write Article > 15 minutes (your time will be different)
  • Time to get Indexed and Ranking in Google > 1 hour (after getting approved by Street Articles) and it Ranked #2
  • Traffic Article Received > 461 views over 2 days!

And that’s just ONE hot topic keyword!  How many variations can you think of with this one topic (see keyword technique 2 if you’re having trouble)?

Fact is, there are TONS of hot topics and millions of keywords that will get you ooooodles of traffic…FREE!


POTENT FREE Traffic in 1 Day Formula:

Free Traffic Image 08




Making Consistent Money Online Is A Skill.  This Is Where Coaches Help You Develop That.


Free Traffic Image 09

Click To Get Help Now With The “Starter Membership” – Currently FREE

Did you know 95% of people who try to make a living online quit?  It’s because they’re expecting what the sales page tell them…:

“Make $100 a Day in Just 7 Days!”

I fall for it.  Most of us do.  But it’s completely misleading!

Can it be done?  You bet, and even more!

But, like every professional career, it takes schooling, skill development, and lots of ongoing help to make that kind of money, EVEN IF YOU OUTSOURCE.  I guarantee you NO NEWBIE made $100 in 7 days on his/her own.

This is where schooling (NOT just one magic guide) and a dependable, 24/7, support system can help you make consistent income.

The 3 Factors Of Finding Support

There’s a bunch of “gurus” that offer coaching, but it pretty much comes down to:

  1. who’s advice you trust
  2. what they’re charging for coaching
  3. and if they a vested interest in your success (is that their business?)

Free Traffic Image 11Out of frustration, I FINALLY looked into coaching.  And, to be honest, I foolishly didn’t listen to all their advice.  But, I now realize what they’ve been preaching is true.  There’s eternal benefits when you write good quality content.

People share what’s helpful, meaningful, and written, first and foremost, with them in mind.

EXAMPLE: My site that was NOT Search Engine Optimized but written just to help the visitor is the one getting the most traffic (on its own!) and is converting the best (12%!)

Who are these coaches?

For me personally I chose Kyle and Carson at Wealthy Affiliate University (now known as the Open Education Project).    But, again, it’s who ever YOU feel comfortable with.

What made me choose them?

  • Access To Two Coaches (Kyle and Carson.  Plus, I knew 2 Well Known members (“PotPieGirl” (Jennifer) and the “Bum Marketer” (Travis)) have also contributed to helping members inside and I wanted to get their advice, too.
  • Text and Video Tutorials
  • Live Webinars Every Friday
  • Free Hosting with Unlimited Websites
  • 3 Step WordPress Site Builder (an exclusive)
  • Constant Updating (over $6 million reinvested in this members only site).  One of the updates was a FASTER “Real Time” platform (now you can ask questions in real time, and whoever is logged in can Instant Message you any answers they know.  This is AWESOME when one of the “gurus” is on the Live Chat.  You’ll get answers immediately!)
  • …plus sooooo MUCH MORE you can check out for yourself (FREE entry as of this post).

If you have a Facebook account (to show you are a real person) you can sign up for FREE and ask whatever questions you may have.

Free Traffic Image 10

  • NO obligation
  • NO Credit Card
  • GUARANTEED You’ll Take Something Away! (even if you don’t think it’s for you)


Get FREE Advice here – and MUCH, MUCH MORE!



Hey Rebecca:

Here’s the link to the Viral Autobots tool:  Click Here

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If you’re into marketing, you’ve probably heard of Jay Abraham.  He’s one of the best copywriters today, and in this FREE video, he goes through step-by-step on how to write a POWERFUL, PERSUASIVE copy that sells!  If your website sells a product, affiliate or your own, take 10 minutes out of your day and watch one of the best free copywriting examples.  You’ll be glad you did.  Enjoy!



If you want to learn how to make money on ebay in 2015, you’re in luck!!

I just found out that one of, if not, the best selling books on eBay (and making a living online in general) is FREE for a LIMITED TIME!  So, you best get over and download your copy of the Kindle version of the “Silent Sales Machine 8th Revised Update” here  (you don’t need a Kindle to read it).

You will learn that selling stuff on eBay is NOT your primary objective.  That’s right!  You are using eBay for the traffic it can get.   He teaches you how to exploit ebay to build a real Internet business.  And, why you should not begin with things like building a website, SEO (search engine optimization),  PPC (Pay Per Click), etc.

Alternatively, you can get a hard copy if that’s what you prefer, but it’s $25.

Again, download it now before you have to pay for it.

How To Make Money On eBay 2015 image



This post is going to show you how to advertise on facebook and make money withOUT using any (banned) scrapers like Social Lead Freak or paid tools like Interest Architect, Targeting Inspector, Data Reach, etc.  All that is required is a LITTLE bit of your brain and Google.

Most advertisers target common words that first pop into their heads.  Example: if you’re selling a golf product, people automatically think of words like golf, golfer, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, etc.  and enter that into the “Interests” section on Facbook’s Ad platform.

The problem with that is that most other advertisers think the same way!  When you have a bunch of advertisers competing for the same audience, a couple things are working against you.

One is your cost per click (CPC) probably will go up.  I say probably because Facebook is NOT a true auction based ads platform.   Source:  Kyle Bell and Jon Tarr, Facebook experts that has spend hundreds of thousands of dollars testing Facebook Advertising


TIP: This is important information because IF it was, your $20/day ad budget will vanish in a second.   If you were competing against a group of audience everyone is targeting, that demand would push up prices, right?  But, since it’s not, Facebook has some discretion.

What you want to do is set your daily budget to a low $5 – $10 a day.  The theory is since Facebook has 24 hours to spend ALL advertiser’s daily budget, they can still easily spend yours even if they give you the lowest CPC (since you have a low daily budget).  The other guy who has a $500 daily budget may never go through all his budget if Facebook gave him a low CPC.  Therefore, it’s to Facebook’s benefit to give him higher CPC’s so they can get as much money from him in 24 hours.

Of course Facebook will never admit this but this has been noticed during peak advertising times, such as Christmas.

So, if you want to scale a campaign that’s producing a positive ROI, just duplicate that campaign (just name it something like ‘campaign-2’) and keep the daily budget to something like $5-$10.


Another thing going against you when competing for the same audience is banner blindness.  The more ads a person sees, the more they disregard it.

So, what you want to do is find big groups of PASSIONATE people that love something that haven’t seen much ads.  This is what “Broad Targeting Formula” teaches you!  (If you’re an experienced FB advertiser, you can pick it up for $47 here)

Wouldn’t it be awesome to show your offer to a BIG group(s) of ultra niche TARGETED and PASSIONATE people?

Watch the video below to learn how to THINK in order to find your niche audience.



Like any ad campaign, it goes without saying: Monitor your Ad(s)!

I do it every 36-48 hours so that I have enough data to make an educated decision.   Why? —>  Ninja TIP:  Per “top level” FB guys…

Facebook’s algorithm is built to determine if your ad is good for your target audience within that timeframe.

That means if your ad starts out poorly, don’t give up on it.
That also means if your ad starts out great, don’t get overly excited.

Once your ad hits the 36-48 hour mark, the Facebook algorithm will decide if your ad is good or bad for your target audience.

Also, if I’m not getting AT LEAST a 2% Click Through Rate (CTR)  — this number is subjective but many Advertisers say this is average–, I will adjust the audience, the ad copy, or just pause it because something is not right.

And, of course, make sure you are converting (what ever your goal is).  Some advertisers just want people on their email list (and they will sell them later) and that is their conversion.  Others want to sell a product right away, in which case ROI is everything.  If after 50 -100 people see your offer and you do not get a sale(s), I would pause that ad and adjust.

Folks, Facebook as done ALL the work segmenting your audience for you.  It’s an advertiser’s dream!  If you learn how to TAKE ADVANTAGE of all what Facebook has done, you can MAKE SOME LOTS OF MONEY!


My suggestion: Unless you KNOW what you want to be, instead of taking up a course at your local college, learn  the INVALUABLE SKILL of marketing.  This will allow you to make money anytime you want, as long as Facebook is around (and, IMO, it’s not going away anytime soon!).

If you don’t have much experience with Facebook Marketing, get this complete Facebook course.  It’s only $17 right now.  You can find a college course for that price!


Bonus TIP:

If you’re doing Direct Mail Advertising, STOP NOW!  Look at the comparison between United States Post Office Direct Mail vs Facebook (click image to enlarge):

Direct Mail Alternative - SUPERIOR

If you want someone to set up, implement, and manage your advertising, contact the xRay Marketing Team.  They know all about this.


Advice From Alexander Elder, Warren Buffett, George Soros, and John Templeton On How To Be A Professional In Stock Trading


Want to learn how to be a professional stock trader?  Your hear it all the time from successful people…leverage the time, knowledge, mistakes, and money of those that made it before you.

The following are pure wisdom from some of the best (stock) traders in our lifetime.  Heed their advice and you will head in the right direction to run a profitable (stock trading) business.    Let’s begin:


how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 01




how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 02




how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 03


Video about How To Be a Professional In Stock Trading



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 04



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 05




how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 06



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 07


how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 17



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 18



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 19



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 08



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 09



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 10


how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 11



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 12



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 13



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 14



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 15



how to be a professional in stock trading advice image 16





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Can I make money with a broken Smartphone?

Is there even any value in a broken Smartphone?

How much can I get for my Smartphone?

In this post I’m going to answer all 3 questions.  Let’s begin.

Yes, believe it or not, you can make money with a broken smartphone.  I guess there’s a market for the metal in smartphones or something, but, people DO pay for broken phones.  The trick is finding a buyer via eBay or your local craigslist or better yet, a reputable business that buys smartphones.  No matter who you sell it to, just know that they will NOT give you what you want for your phone because they need to make a profit from their purchase.

The fastest and easiest way to make cash is to just go to a business that you know buys smartphones.

Below I will give you an example of  how easy it is to find out about how much you can make selling your phone.  BONUS: this place also pays for your shipping too so there are no out of pocket costs for you!  Typically they pay you with-in 24 hours of receipt. You have the choice of being paid via check or PayPal.


01 How to make money selling a Smart Phone 02 How to make money selling a Smart Phone 03 How to make money selling a Smart Phone 04 How to make money selling a Smart Phone 05 How to make money selling a Smart Phone 06 How to make money selling a Smart Phone 07 How to make money selling a Smart Phone

You probably won’t get top dollars for your used smartphone because this business must make a profit with your phone.  However, it’s probably the fastest way to sell it.

You can easily sell your smartphone here.


In this post, you will see proven psychological effects in the video, followed by examples of how you can use them in your marketing, or life in general.  Let’s get started Marketing Your Business Using Psychology In Mind.



Marketing your business using psychology in mind image 2a


1. Power of the Middle Psychological Effect:

Now that you know the middle object has a subconscious preference bias, whenever you want to sell a certain product, you can easily place / display that product in the middle of the multiple choices.  But, that’s an obvious use you probably thought of, right?  How about this one?

Let’s say your product is “expensive” in the eyes of your market.  How can we sell more of it despite of that?  Use the “power of the middle,” but only thing apply it to prices.  All you have to do is find similar products  that are “budget” caliber, “extravagant” caliber, and your “just right”-ly priced product right smack dab in the middle!


2. Foot In the Door Psychological Effect:

This works great if you provide services to local businesses (aka off-line marketing).  We all know that buying something expensive from a stranger right off the top won’t happen.  You will need to get to know them and their product very well before handing over you hard earned dollars.

But, what if that stranger was selling a book called “10 Ways to Save $50 On Your Next Grocery Store Visit” for only $1?  Would you be interested in buying it, and possibly “risk” the $1?  Chances are “yes” because you are making only a small commitment.  Now, when that same person contacts you to see how those tips worked for you, would you be willing to spend $10 on another cool item he/she has?  Probably, because you trust them more and he/she gave you a great product…all because he “got his foot in the door” with you.  So, if you’re an off-line marketer, go out and offer a killer deal (FREE even) to some local business just to “get your foot in the door.”


Skipped 3 and 4.


5.  The Silver Lining in the Cloud Psychological Effect:

It is guaranteed that every business will go through tough moments, whether it’s your bottom line, or an upset client / customer, a lawsuit, etc.  The key is, however, can you rebound from it?  This one is applicable to everyday life, too.

Every time something bad happens to you, just ask yourself, “how did I benefit from the experience?”   You will come up with an answer and instantly start rebounding and feeling better from that negative experience.  There is a famous quote by coach John Wooden that sums it up, “Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.


6.  Fake It ‘Till You Make It Psychological Effect:

Unless you’re living in a cave all by yourself, you will interact with people.  And, if you have a business, you’re going to have to sell….to people.  People buy from people they like, and no one likes grumpy people.  So, like the video says, if you’re not happy, wear a fake smile until you start feeling better.

Apply the “Silver Lining in the Cloud” technique mentioned above.  Do something nice for someone and make their day.  Ironically, making other people feel good makes YOU feel good, too.

The bottom line is, you have a lot of influencing power when people like you, and people like only happy people.  So, do what it takes to become happy and watch your network and influencing power explode.


7  The Power of Emotion Psychological Effect:

If you’ve studied consumer behavior, you know that people act on emotions, and not logic.  Logic is often used to help make the buying decision, but, ultimately people “pull the trigger” when emotion is stimulated.  When ever you write ad copy or speak to your prospect, use words that touch your target market’s nerve.  For example, if you’re selling baby items, parents are concerned with their child’s safety.  Therefore, you must make the parent FEEL safe by using words such as “lead free,” “soft,” “accident free,” etc.

Have you ever saw those commercials that ask for donations to save a pet?  Did you notice the sad song playing, the sad puppy dog eyes staring at you, the neglected pets in cages?  They know that people act on emotions, and that’s exactly what their commercial triggers.


8.  Everything is Relative Psychological Effect:

This is similar to the first psychological effect.  When you soak your hand in cold water, then later soak your hand in tap water, the tap water feels warm.  However, soak your hand in hot water, then later soak your hand in that same tap water and that water feels cold!  That’s the power of relativity.

So, how can you apply this to your marketing?  Well, you’ve seen it used all the time in those infomercials.  It starts off something like this:

For $20 you can get this product…but for this limited TV offer you get it at 50% off for just $10…BUT, act in the next 5 minutes and we’ll give you TWO of these for the same $10…etc, etc.

$5 each RELATIVE to the initial $20 offer seems gosh darn cheap, huh?  This is why they always let you see a higher price with a strike through mark and list the purchase price right next to it, just like the blue dot in the video:   $20  $5 (doesn’t it make the $5 seem “tiny?”)

On a similar note, how do you make people think your product is worth a lot more than what you sell it for?

There was a video mentioning that all you had to do was make your prospect think of a BIG number, i.e. ask them what they thought was a fair price for a VW Passat?  Then, ask them what do they think is a fair price for your product (assuming your product is less than the Passat).  Chances are they will price your product higher than you thought because they were exposed to a higher number prior to your question.


Skipped 9 and 10.


11.  Fear of Change Psychological Effect:

People in general don’t change for the better because they feel it is going to be hard.  When change is big, it IS hard because it’s “shocking.”  But, when change is small, it is easy, and that leads to consistency.    This is so powerful that it is DEADLY!  (ever heard the story that you can kill a frog by putting it in a pot of cold water, then turning up the heat slowly?  He won’t jump out because the temperature change is so small that he gets used to it, and thus, never jumps out.  He ends up boiling himself to death!)

You can exploit this psychological effect to your benefit.

What do you do a lot of?  Eat, sleep, shower, travel to work, go on the computer, etc.  Small changes in these activities will add up to BIG results because you will stick with it since it’s barely noticeable.  Crank it up a notch when you get used to the latest change.

How can you apply this to your business?  Learn from the cable companies.  Remember when your cable bill was just $26 a month?  What is it now?  Notice how they raised their prices gradually?  This is what you do with your product or service.  Whether you’re making your product smaller (and selling it at the same price) or increasing your price, make the change so small that your customers can tolerate it and eventually get used to it.


For psychological effects you can use in your business, I highly recommend  “Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive.”  It’s is an awesome book to have at your finger tips.

Marketing your business using psychology in mind image

 Click Here



People say that change takes time.  That is bogus.  Like the world renowned self-help guru Anthony Robbins said, change happens INSTANTLY.  It’s doing the things necessary to make change happen that takes time.  So, in this post I’m going to tell you how to drastically change your life for the better starting TODAY with one little mind hack.


Use it for fitness goals, financial goals, social goals, or whatever goal you have.  Just use it!

This comes from the files of Prager University.   It is a short video that talks about how YOU, a human being, are the ONLY species on this earth that can change!  You have something so powerful yet you never really took advantage of it.  This is the ABILITY TO CHANGE.  This is going to change your life today so sit back and absorb this mind hack, and watch your life change for the better.





Now that you are responsible for the bad AND GOOD in your life, here’s a little technique you can use to change your life today by Anthony Robbins.  It has to do with being CERTAIN that you can handle anything in your life…and the good news is, all it takes is a LITTLE change.

Enjoy the video and enjoy reaching your goals!






how to drastically change your life





For all you cryptocurrency fans, this is a list of all the websites (aka  free dogecoins faucet) I find that give out FREE Dogecoins (mostly at least 1 coin).  If you find one not listed, leave it in the comments area (I will publish your comment and you get the back link to your site).   I’ll add them to the list for Doge Fan’s convenience.

Those not familiar with dogecoins, it a fun digital currency that people give each other over the internet.  Some give them for free and some give them as a “tip” for information they find useful.  If you use the links below to get Dogecoins, tips would be very much appreciated and can be sent to:


Here are some sites that give free Dogecoins:





If you want to get in this fun game really fast, James Renouf has put out a product that gives you all you need to get started today.  It’s a 17 page pdf document available for a limited time (I believe) over at http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/896425-james-renoufs-crypto-mania.html

There are even some websites accepting Dogecoins as payment, but whether they will take off like bitcoins, no one knows.  In the meantime, get in this “futuristic economy” known as digital currency, or cryptocurrency.


For Craig in Wealth Affiliate:

Have you been having this Internal Server Error (500) when Running a backup to Dropbox?


error dropbox api (500) internal server error


NOTE: This site is not hosted on WA.

Thanks for your input!

Hi referrals (or any Wealthy Affiliate Premium member)!  This is a pretty cool trick provided by Jay “magistudios” so be sure to thank him after watching the webinar.

There is a simple hack for the Google Analytics Search Not Provided Keyword problem that has been driving many SEO and  Internet Marketers nuts.

But, thanks to Jay you can come up with a pretty close guess as to what keywords are hiding behind that notorious “(not provided)” data Google Analytics is giving us.


analytics search not provided image 01


Click this link and watch the webinar to find out how to set up this workaround hack to figuring out what’s behind that irritating “(not provided)” data.  It’s about 25 minutes into the webinar if that’s all you want.

If you want to watch the webinar later here’s how you can find it within the member’s area:


analytics search not provided image 2


Again, webinar is playing here.

Enjoy your new found data!



Here are some Economic Quotes By Famous People I’ve collected over the years.  Let the quote or quotes inspire you to take some kind of action today.  Enjoy and have fun creating freedom for you and your family!



Economic Quotes by Famous People Image



Economic Quotes by Famous People Image


Economic Quotes by Famous People Image




Economic Quotes by Famous People Image



Economic Quotes by Famous People Image

Thank you “peasap” for the use of this beautiful image


Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People Giving Image


Economic Quotes by Famous People on Networking



Economic Quotes by Famous People


Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People Image



 Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People



Economic Quotes by Famous People Real Friends



Economic Quotes by Famous People Less Wants Faster Freedom



 Economic Quotes by Famous People Big Library Small TV




Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Before You Lessons



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Self-Education



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Eternal Wealth


Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Genius 16



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Appreciation 17



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People find something to Die For and you will find something  to live for



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People New Experience Expands Mind



Quotes Economic Quotes by Famous People Invest in Knowledge and you will get the best interest




If you lost your job, your house and all your savings, would you know how to become Financially Free again?  If so, you have  TRUE WEALTH.

Yes, Financial Freedom can be achieved even with a minimum wage job.  That’s because you know how to live within your means, and what tools you need to create passive income.  If you can convey your knowledge of how to create an income stream, you will have NO problem finding the capital to finance your venture.  LEARN HOW to do it with the power of the internet, then TRY IT until you succeed!











A quick post on a How To Build a WordPress Website Tutorial.  I guarantee you it’s going to be the easiest way you’ve ever built a WordPress site!  (HINT: 5 Clicks…COOL!)

If you have the right tools, getting a job done will be easy for you.  You can charge people that don’t have this tool because it’s more difficult for them to complete.

I’m going to show exactly where you can find this tutorial so you can build your wordpress site in under 5 minutes.

NOTE: you do NOT have to have the paid Premium account.  This all can be done with the FREE Starter account.

OK, if you’re a picture and text kind of person, go to this  WordPress Builder Tutorial.

(the tutorial says to go to the “Build Website” area, but now it’s called “Websites and Hosting


How To Build WordPress Website Tutorial Post 1 Image

If you’re an audio visual kind of person, you can watch this  WordPress Express video tutorial.   if you are an audio visual person

Again, all you need is the FREE Starter account, NOT the paid Premium, to do this.

How To Build WordPress Website Tutorial Post Image



Where can you find Royalty Free Website Images?

Click the book below to find out:

  • Where  you can get images for your website?
  • Website images, Free and Paid
  • Terminology of using images
  • Over 7 sources of Royalty Free Images!

…and MUCH, MUCH more!

Royalty Free Images Blog Image

Where To Find Images For Your Website

Here’s quick color theory emotion reference guide.

All businesses know that people take action when an emotion is evoked.    This is why building your website with the target emotion in mind is vital to your business.  Click the image for a really simple explanation of 10 colors and their related emotions:


Color Theory Emotions Guide

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