How To Find People The Buy ImageSo, how do you find that desperate niche that’s ready to buy something?

In this short blog post I’m going to give you golden nuggets that show you how to find a desperate niche ready to buy.  I ripped these out from a Wealthy Affiliate University Tutorial   (Niche Research Made Easy – How I Just Came Up With 15 Solid Niches That Are Ready To Be Sold To!) by Rob, aka “ccmusicman.”  It’s a simple method to finding hungry crowds ready to buy.  And, best of all, it uses a free, super “tool”…YOU!  Why is this superior?  Because YOU can get inside a customer’s head better than any technical tool out there.  However, if you do get stuck in this process, you can peek in magazines, Tv ads, or walk through a Walmart store for some help.  Anyway, here are the nuggets to finding a desperate niche:

1. Think of things that come to people’s mind everyday, or nearly everyday.

2. Think of questions that spike up EMOTIONS and call for answers “NOW!”

EX. How can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me?  Or, what can I do to prepare myself for a divorce?  Or, how can I lose 20 pounds 3 weeks before my wedding?

These things that come to mind can belong to what marketers call a “hungry crowd” or a “desperate niche.”

But, how will you know if these niches will buy products or services and make you money (as an affiliate)?

They must pass every one of these 6 test questions:

1. Do they think about this problem/question a lot?

2. What is their emotional temperature?  (The higher their emotions about this subject, the easier it is to make sales)

3. What is the cost for this niche?  (The more they have invested in this subject, the easier it is to make sales)

4. Do they talk about it a lot?  (One way to find out is to check forums on the subject.  If there’s a lot of replies, it’s HOT!

5. Are others making money from it?  (If you see a lot of advertisers, you can bet they are making money on this niche!)

6. What objections would they have?  (Are there any reasons why they wouldn’t want to buy the product?  e.g. you’re not a doctor so why should I trust your recommendation?)

So, in summary, here is what you do….

1. Make a list of as many “burning questions” as you can.

2. Take that list through the six factors of a profitable niche.

Pick the best one and dig deeper for keywords in this niche.  More details on this tutorial can be found here.

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