MegaMillionsBestNumbers Image What are the mega millions best numbers?

This is a hot question since the latest Megamillions Lotto jackpot is half a billion dollars ($500,000,000)!  Before I share 3 simple number picking tips from the author of Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery, it’s important to keep you from ruining your (financial) life.

I do feel your hope, your “what if” thinking, and all that stuff that’s symptomatic of the “Vegas bug.”  But, be SURE you do not risk your grocery money or rent money for financial freedom.  I guess it’s OK if you view it strictly as ENTERTAINMENT.  If you agree, read on for the 3 simple simple tips to picking the Mega Millions best numbers.

As you know, when you play a game of chance (1 in 175,000,000 in this latest $500,000,000 Lotto Jackpot), “best” should be taken relatively.  If you pick the “best numbers” you might increase your chances, for example, to 1 in 174,800,000.  It’s better (in terms of statistics) than the original odds, but still a long shot.

So, with that said, let’s turn to someone who has LOTS of experience with Lotto Jackpots.

This person has won not 1, not 2, and not even 3 Lottery jackpots, but 7 Grand Prize jackpots!

According to Richard Lustig, here’s his strategy to picking the mega millions best numbers:

*Do not pick all odd numbers or all even numbers
*Do not pick numbers that line up diagonally or form patterns on your lottery card
*And check to see if your numbers have been drawn before.  If so, do not pick them.  (you can go online to check previous winning numbers)

Watch This Video For More Tips On Increase Your Chances To Winning The Lotto Jackpot


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