Does SSL Certificate Help SEO?  And, how do you install Secure Sockets Layer if so? The short answer is “yes.”  But, that alone will not make you suddenly rank for any keyword.  You still need good content, engagement, backlinks, and all those other SEO factors if you want to rank.  However, if all things were […]

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In today’s competitive global economy and America’s ever increasing cost of running a business, many employers are cutting hours, or down right laying off employees.  People are realizing they cannot depend on their employer,  and that they need to take control their economic destiny.  A business is the only way to earn income without depending […]

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If you sell anything online, you NEED to know how to write good “sales copy” for your website.  (HINT: it’s easier than you think.  See links below)   Here’s why. When a visitor lands on a web page, they are NOT ready to buy most of the time.  Your job as an online Salesman  is […]

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Hey Rebecca: Here’s the link to the Viral Autobots tool:  Click Here

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If you’re into marketing, you’ve probably heard of Jay Abraham.  He’s one of the best copywriters today, and in this FREE video, he goes through step-by-step on how to write a POWERFUL, PERSUASIVE copy that sells!  If your website sells a product, affiliate or your own, take 10 minutes out of your day and watch […]

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This post is going to show you how to advertise on facebook and make money withOUT using any (banned) scrapers like Social Lead Freak or paid tools like Interest Architect, Targeting Inspector, Data Reach, etc.  All that is required is a LITTLE bit of your brain and Google. Most advertisers target common words that first […]

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Advice From Alexander Elder, Warren Buffett, George Soros, and John Templeton On How To Be A Professional In Stock Trading   Want to learn how to be a professional stock trader?  Your hear it all the time from successful people…leverage the time, knowledge, mistakes, and money of those that made it before you. The following […]

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Can I make money with a broken Smartphone? Is there even any value in a broken Smartphone? How much can I get for my Smartphone? In this post I’m going to answer all 3 questions.  Let’s begin. Yes, believe it or not, you can make money with a broken smartphone.  I guess there’s a market […]

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In this post, you will see proven psychological effects in the video, followed by examples of how you can use them in your marketing, or life in general.  Let’s get started Marketing Your Business Using Psychology In Mind.       1. Power of the Middle Psychological Effect: Now that you know the middle object […]

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People say that change takes time.  That is bogus.  Like the world renowned self-help guru Anthony Robbins said, change happens INSTANTLY.  It’s doing the things necessary to make change happen that takes time.  So, in this post I’m going to tell you how to drastically change your life for the better starting TODAY with one […]

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For all you cryptocurrency fans, this is a list of all the websites (aka  free dogecoins faucet) I find that give out FREE Dogecoins (mostly at least 1 coin).  If you find one not listed, leave it in the comments area (I will publish your comment and you get the back link to your site). […]

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For Craig in Wealth Affiliate: Have you been having this Internal Server Error (500) when Running a backup to Dropbox?     NOTE: This site is not hosted on WA. Thanks for your input!

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Hi referrals (or any Wealthy Affiliate Premium member)!  This is a pretty cool trick provided by Jay “magistudios” so be sure to thank him after watching the webinar. There is a simple hack for the Google Analytics Search Not Provided Keyword problem that has been driving many SEO and  Internet Marketers nuts. But, thanks to […]

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Here are some Economic Quotes By Famous People I’ve collected over the years.  Let the quote or quotes inspire you to take some kind of action today.  Enjoy and have fun creating freedom for you and your family!                     Thank you “peasap” for the use of […]

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A quick post on a How To Build a WordPress Website Tutorial.  I guarantee you it’s going to be the easiest way you’ve ever built a WordPress site!  (HINT: 5 Clicks…COOL!) If you have the right tools, getting a job done will be easy for you.  You can charge people that don’t have this tool […]

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Where can you find Royalty Free Website Images? Click the book below to find out: Where  you can get images for your website? Website images, Free and Paid Terminology of using images Over 7 sources of Royalty Free Images! …and MUCH, MUCH more! Where To Find Images For Your Website

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Here’s quick color theory emotion reference guide. All businesses know that people take action when an emotion is evoked.    This is why building your website with the target emotion in mind is vital to your business.  Click the image for a really simple explanation of 10 colors and their related emotions:   Related to: Color […]

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