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As you already probably know, WordPress is THE website platform of choice!  That’s because it’s flexible and has TONS of themes and plugins that “pimp” out your site, many of which are are FREE!  But, let’s get to the question of this blog “How To Make Money On WordPress?” OK, let’s get started.  Everything here […]

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Does OMG Machines Work?  Without even buying the course I can tell you “yes it does.” Why?   Because: 1.  They have been honest and up front with me.  I have dealt with Mike Long and Anthony Aires for a long time and haven’t been ripped off in anyway by neither of them.  They were helpful […]

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Ask any kid, “Would you be happy if you had all the money in the world?”  And a disproportionate of them will say, “yes!”  That’s only because they don’t know what you are about to learn (and this relates to your journey to become financially free).  Here are the reasons why money doesn’t buy happines […]

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Did you know you can charge people a “Like” to see great content or to get a coupon?  Facebook calls it a Fangate, and just like a toll booth, people must “pay” you a “Like” if they want to see the content behind the “gate.”  I learned this from Isaac Wardell, a Social Media specialist.  […]

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So, how do you find that desperate niche that’s ready to buy something? In this short blog post I’m going to give you golden nuggets that show you how to find a desperate niche ready to buy.  I ripped these out from a Wealthy Affiliate University Tutorial   (Niche Research Made Easy – How I Just […]

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If you are looking for a moving website service, I have a recommendation. I was in Wealthy Affiliate University watching a video on how to transfer a website to a different domain and host.  The video was created by a long time Wealthy Affiliate member, Craig Smith.  He not only owns his own business http://madewithstone.com/  […]

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What are the mega millions best numbers? This is a hot question since the latest Megamillions Lotto jackpot is half a billion dollars ($500,000,000)!  Before I share 3 simple number picking tips from the author of Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery, it’s important to keep you from ruining your (financial) […]

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Black Friday Make Money Super $1  Entry – After Thanksgiving brings out some crazy retail sales.  But what if you could learn to make money during all this Black Friday craze, all at a STEAL (literally)? Gain Financial Freedom dot Org is focused on becoming financially free so we love it when there’s Black Friday […]

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Post by Guest Blogger Ireniya Davis Mortgage payments – The tips on paying it off fast Paying off your mortgage fast – is that at all possible? Yes, it is possible considering the fact that you have the affordability to make the payments. The truth is, the higher your affordability, the faster can get the […]

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Wealthy Affiliate Sale going on right NOW! (UPDATE: 2005 Price No Longer In Effect) Aspiring Internet Marketers, Stay at Home Moms, Entrepreneurs, Existing Business Owners…. everything necessary to succeed online is at your finger tips in Wealthy Affiliate University (WAU). Now, WAU promotions come around once or twice a year.  And, those are usually trials […]

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As a current member, I will give you my (short) list of Wealthy Affiliate University complaints. You may be wondering, then, why am I still a member?  Because I weigh the good with the bad, and as long as I’m getting more (value) than what I’m paying, I’ll be happy to keep paying.  It’s the […]

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Did you know you have a money making idea?  You do.  We all do.  But, here’s the money making ideas secret that keeps you and millions of other people from turning that into real money (we’ll get to a video in a second). Here’s a question for you. How can you guarantee that your ideas […]

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Here’s a short post (and you’ll see why) to How To Write An Effective Article Online. With a million other blogs and articles to read, you need to get your point across at lightning speed.  So, here’s some secrets to writing effective articles, blog posts, etc. express one idea per sentence write so that a […]

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The more traffic your webpage gets, the more chances you have making money, right (assuming you’re monetizing it somehow)?  So, in this blog post “How To Improve A Website – 3 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now” I will show some easy things that can only make your website better, period!  And when I […]

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If you think you need help with credit card debt, pat yourself on the back!   Psychologists say you have done the toughest part.  Cliche as it may sound, admitting a problem is what ultimately led you to this page.  And you will get 2 proven solutions because you wanted to help yourself.  These programs […]

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When you go shopping for a car, do you compare just the purchase price and fuel economy?  Most of us do, and that’s very smart.  But, not many of us consider another cost that recurs month after month…Insurance. Think Before You Buy If you are ready to buy a car, hang on just one second.  […]

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Here is some simple financial advice -free– that your $10,000 schooling never taught you.  This applies more today than it ever did. Financial Advice #1: Start building some sort of passive income NOW. We need to stop thinking that getting a “secure” job is the answer to your money worries.  It’s not the way to […]

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Making money in the stock market?  Could it be a bad system?  Yes and no.  Let me explain. It took me over 10 years to discover this…at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars.  So, listen up and save yourself unrecoverable  time and $1,000’s. If you’ve read about investing in the stock market, you’ve […]

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When I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, I became obsessed with figuring out ways to achieve financial freedom.  I was not only interested in ways to make passive income, but ways to protect your wealth as well.  One of the subjects I looked into was health insurance solutions (the video below provides an eye-opening solution. […]

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