In today’s competitive global economy and America’s ever increasing cost of running a business, many employers are cutting hours, or down right laying off employees.  People are realizing they cannot depend on their employer,  and that they need to take control their economic destiny.  A business is the only way to earn income without depending […]

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Can you gain financial freedom trading? The short answer is yes, but it requires more than just knowledge.  There are people that have acquired enough knowledge about trading, but cannot apply them when real money is at stake.  They still have yet to master a level of self-control that often runs counter to natural human […]

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One of the easiest business to start with little, or even NO money, is selling custom products and having a company manufacture, fulfill, and provide customer service FOR you. There are several things in your favor: 1)  You can create new products at will when new markets arise  2) Your product is UNIQUE so there […]

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If you sell anything online, you NEED to know how to write good “sales copy” for your website.  (HINT: it’s easier than you think.  See links below)   Here’s why. When a visitor lands on a web page, they are NOT ready to buy most of the time.  Your job as an online Salesman  is […]

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If you can get traffic you can make money…PERIOD!  So, in this blog post I’m going to show you just that…how to get lots of FREE traffic, anytime, with less than an hours work , in 1 day, everyday. REMEMBER: traffic is nothing more than a particular type of people that found your page because […]

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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If you want to learn how to make money on ebay in 2015, you’re in luck!! I just found out that one of, if not, the best selling books on eBay (and making a living online in general) is FREE for a LIMITED TIME!  So, you best get over and download your copy of the […]

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This post is going to show you how to advertise on facebook and make money withOUT using any (banned) scrapers like Social Lead Freak or paid tools like Interest Architect, Targeting Inspector, Data Reach, etc.  All that is required is a LITTLE bit of your brain and Google. Most advertisers target common words that first […]

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Here’s quick color theory emotion reference guide. All businesses know that people take action when an emotion is evoked.    This is why building your website with the target emotion in mind is vital to your business.  Click the image for a really simple explanation of 10 colors and their related emotions:   Related to: Color […]

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As you already probably know, WordPress is THE website platform of choice!  That’s because it’s flexible and has TONS of themes and plugins that “pimp” out your site, many of which are are FREE!  But, let’s get to the question of this blog “How To Make Money On WordPress?” OK, let’s get started.  Everything here […]

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Jackson Carson via Compfight I got some news that even makes a donkey happy. If you are a newbie, Wealthy Affiliate University is putting on a webinar specifically geared for newbies.  The best part about it is it’s FREE with no strings attached.  Either you like what you see inside or you don’t.  It’s really […]

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After spending $100 on a course on how to build an affiliate site, I made maybe $10 at the most.  So, I continued looking for more books and courses to learn about Affiliate Marketing and came across Wealthy Affiliate University (also know as The Open Education Project).  Like many, I wanted to know  “Is Wealthy […]

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Here’s an Amazon Associate Work From Home Strategy that implements something VERY important if you want to earn commissions the fastest.  This is not something I heard for the first time.  It has been taught in a webinar by wealthy online marketer Travis Sago, Mike Long, and Kelly Felix. I just found a short tutorial […]

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You read that right.  News ALERT …  Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership Is HERE!  Starter Membership FREE FOREVER if you get in now (NO  10-day trial limit … you can get Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing specialty training instantly… and, yes, this IS 100% legit!). Starter Membership VS Premium Membership Kyle and Carson, owners of Wealthy Affiliate […]

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This is the total Internet Marketing Course For Beginners and I know you will love it because it not only breaks down your learning into 12 lessons (which can be learned at your own pace), but : It’s FREE There’s NO Download, and You get Immediate Access So, click the image to get your first […]

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As a current member, I will give you my (short) list of Wealthy Affiliate University complaints. You may be wondering, then, why am I still a member?  Because I weigh the good with the bad, and as long as I’m getting more (value) than what I’m paying, I’ll be happy to keep paying.  It’s the […]

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The Million Dollars a Week Experiment Said You Can Make Money Online From The Comfort Of Your Home Have you seen a website that said you can make money online at home, in your pajamas, by just clicking your mouse?    There are so many sites that claim that you can make ridiculous amounts of money.  Example: […]

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When you go shopping for a car, do you compare just the purchase price and fuel economy?  Most of us do, and that’s very smart.  But, not many of us consider another cost that recurs month after month…Insurance. Think Before You Buy If you are ready to buy a car, hang on just one second.  […]

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I‘ve been pretty addicted to this whole internet marketing stuff, so I thought to myself, why not heed the advice of following your passion?  Since then, I’ve been pursuing an Internet Marketing Career and loving every minute of it.  I’m finally living the life of “never having to work a day in your life” because […]

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When I was in college I needed some extra money for those, you know, non-school related expenses.  But, I didn’t have a car to drive to work.  This limited my options for ways to make money in school.   My only options were student jobs on campus or working part-time at some nearby business. But, working […]

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