Careers With No College Degree ImageAre you searching for possible careers with no college degree?  I will give you two possibilities in a second.

But first, if you do not have a college degree, I think you have an edge if one of your goals is to achieve financial freedom faster.  Now, if your goal is to get into some “Fortune 500” corporation and secure an executive position, then I think you don’t have an edge in achieving that goal.  I would say getting a college degree would be to your benefit.

Here’s why starting a career now rather than pursuing a college degree gives you an edge:

  • If you wanted a degree, you will have to usually put aside at least 4 years to get that (Bachelors) degree.  Learning how to make money online can be learned often within months, and definitely less than a year, depending on the complexity of the plan and the time you put into it.
  • You’ll have to take courses that teach you nothing about making money (which is, ironically again, why most people go to college in the first place).  And, this brings up point #3.
  • If you’re going to college, you’re probably doing so in hopes to get a good, safe, “secure” job, complete with benefits and all the other things that are promised you.  This is not the way to financial freedom.  You actually become so dependent on your job and benefits that you LOSE your freedom.

I heard a story on the radio where a poor lady was so stressed from work that it hospitalized her.  Her doctor told her she MUST relax more if she wants to get better, but she returned to work.  When asked why, she said, “I needed the medical benefits!”  We were all raised to believe that we need to get a safe “secure” job, myself included.  But, try missing work for 3 months and see what happens to those benefits and your pay, which brings up the final point.

  • Becoming an employee means active income.  You don’t work, you   don’t get paid.  It’s OK to work for experience and/or fast money but you must start creating passive income on the side if you want to eventually be financially free

Do not take this article wrong.  EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT, but the right kind of education is key.  And, the traditional schooling is not right if you want to be free.

If you’re going to invest $60,000 and 4 years of your time in college, you should get a lot in return.

Check out this video on the wrong kind of education to get:

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So, what kind of careers can you get without a college degree?  Well, this blog is about online income so that’s what we’ll talk about.

If you watched the video, you know that the industrial age is over.  It is very risky to plan on working for a company for 30 years and expect them to take care of you when you retire.  There is global competition, and someone else can do your job better and cheaper than you.

The internet presents many opportunities for those looking for a real career that doesn’t require a college degree.  You must learn, but no degree is necessary.

This is the information age and people want information, NOW!

They want information on how to do something, on where to get free shipping,  on which product is best, or who’s selling that rare vase.  Supply it to them and you can make a LOT of money. And this career requires no college degree.

Here are courses from two people that actually DO make money online using these exact methods.  This is just one of their income streams and that’s what we ALL should be building as a “career.”  You will not be disappointed with Tiffany and David, the owners of the courses respectively, as they are honest people that make their living online.  Here are the careers with no college degree required:

  1. Write Articles Once, Sell Them Over and Over To Hungry Buyers
  2. Sell other people’s products in this 4 Day Money Making Blueprint Video and Text course.

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