Unranked articles suck!  So, here’s a video to show you a new way to increase Google ranking for your long lost articles.  For those that are already doing internet marketing, you will love (and understand) this.  For those that are looking for ways to make money online, this is the kind of stuff you can do in your spare time as you create passive income.

OK, here’s a different approach to increase Google ranking for any article you’ve submitted.

David has great video tutorials (check out 3rd video)  in his courses and is easy to understand.  He assumes you know nothing about making money selling other people’s products and writing articles so he takes you by the hand, chunk by chunk, through his videos.

If you have $30 dollars saved up and are looking for a FREE way to start creating online income streams, buy David’s course.

This is excellent online passive income education for stay at home mom’s, high school or college students, and even retirees looking for supplemental income because you work on it on your own time.

Warning: This “job” can be addicting 🙂

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