Is Wealthy Affilaite Universtiy Legit ImageAfter spending $100 on a course on how to build an affiliate site, I made maybe $10 at the most.  So, I continued looking for more books and courses to learn about Affiliate Marketing and came across Wealthy Affiliate University (also know as The Open Education Project).  Like many, I wanted to know  “Is Wealthy Affiliate University Legit?”  That is an understandable question, even though the sales page told you “we’re legit!”  Long story short…after being inside the members area, the answer is 100%, “YES.”

What Is Legit?


What do I mean by legit?  For me, it’s learning stuff I can take with me forever to make money online.  See the 10-day trial and the “10-Day Plan” below if you need guidance.   UPDATE:  A “Starters Membership” has just replaced the 10-day trial   It is currently FREE with NO trial period!  If you’re new to internet marketing, you can access a beginner’s course called “Your first $50 Online! Brand Spankin’ New Course!” IMMEDIATELY as a Free Member.  Go Here.     

Another example (out of 100’s) that make Wealthy Affiliate University legit:

For Premium (paid) Members, there is a Forum Thread called “Stuck in a rut…” where Travis Sago (the original Bum Marketer) and one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate figure out why this person wasn’t getting sales (in his PPC campaign)…and he was SUPPOSEDLY targeting a “buying keyword.”  It’s this kind of real problem analyzing that makes Wealthy Affiliate University legit.  That kind of knowledge is priceless if you’re planning on making a living online.

Once you’re inside, click the “Forum” link in the margin and  you can search for that post “Stuck in a rut…” in quotes.

Premium members also get access to over  70, and growing, archived webinars like, “Live Case Study: Build, Rank, Flip,” “50 Shades of Grey Hat SEO,” and “Ultimate Traffic Training WAbinar.”

FREE Starter Members can access tutorials like, “Mastering The Keyword Research Process” and “Creating A Free Website At Wealthy Affiliate.”

Two Tries To Realize Wealthy Affiliate University Was Legit


As I mentioned before on this blog it took me 2 tries to finally conclude that Wealthy Affiliate University (now better known as The Open Education Project -OEP) IS a legit place to learn how to make sustainable money online.

The first time I totally overwhelmed myself by grabbing a bunch of tutorials during a $1 trial and quitting Wealthy Affiliate.  Well, when you have  information overload, nothing happens.

So I eventually came back and made use of the tools, tutorials, forums, and support, which now has an AWESOME “Live/Real Time,” exclusive, platform.  Responses to your questions are much faster, especially if you use the “Live Chat.”  And, being updated with new materials and updates are INSTANT!

The Core That Makes Wealthy Affiliate University Legit?


1. INTERNET MARKETING TUTORIALS GALORE:  Just enter a keyword  in the search bar at the top and out comes a list of tutorials and blog posts related to that subject.  Do you want to learn about getting traffic?  Building a Landing Page?  Email Marketing?  Putting up a WordPress website (in  3 minutes)?  Do you want to attend a webinar called “Ninja SERP Strategies Revealed,”  or check one of over 70 webinars you missed?  It’s ALL there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

2. NEVER ENDING UPDATES AS THE INTERNET CHANGES: This is one of the best things about being a Wealthy Affiliate member.  When new players like Pinterest, for example, come on the scene and there’s a way to use it for Internet Marketing purposes, you will hear about it from one of the 6,000+ members at Wealthy Affiliate.

When new, better, and faster technology is available Kyle and Carson looks into improving Wealthy Affiliate.  They use the membership revenues to REINVEST in Wealthy Affiliate (and I didn’t have to pay more for this upgrade!).   For example, Wealthy Affiliate University started as a basic keyword service.  Then it turned into a University with tools, tutorials, and support.  Now, all this is running on a new “Real Time” platform.  With “Live Chat,” you can reach out to members who are logged in and ask for advice, direction, or anything you want.

Everyday, members are contributing anything internet marketing related via their blog post or a tutorial (which you can earn money with).  If you become a major contributor (they call it an Ambassador), you will be invited to to to Las Vegas and meet the other “Big Timers” at Wealthy Affiliate.



See Results Now With The 10 Day Plan



There is NO 10-Day Trial so you can work at your own pace with the FREE “Starter Membership” doing this course: Your first $50 Online! Brand Spankin’ New Course!

What can you do now to see if Wealthy Affiliate University is legit?  And, can you even make money?  Well, you’ll answer these questions after finishing the course.  And, please let me know if you need any help along the way (I tell you how to contact me below).

*No Credit Cards Required

*No Sales page to read…just the real thing.

Now, you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate University is legit.

When you get in and complete the course, I’d LOVE to hear when you’ve made your first $1.  Simply log in Wealthy Affiliate, go to My Profile page, and leave me the awesome news:)

Looking forward to seeing you inside,




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