Money Making Ideas Secret

Money Making Ideas Secret ImageDid you know you have a money making idea?  You do.  We all do.  But, here’s the money making ideas secret that keeps you and millions of other people from turning that into real money (we’ll get to a video in a second).

Here’s a question for you.
How can you guarantee that your ideas get manifested?

Easy.  Make sure you get it out on-time and on budget.  How?  When you run out of time or run out of money, you make it available to the market place.

Now, that will guarantee that you will always get it out on time and never go over budget, but doesn’t guarantee you’ll make money.  But, the more important meaning is that you WILL deliver your idea to the market and at least see if it’s a failure or success.

Operating with this kind of certainty makes delivering your idea an obligation.  And now, all your future work will revolve around this obligation.  Pretty simple if you think about it.

If you worked on an idea (or many ideas) but never got to the point of “shipping it” (because someone or something told you it wouldn’t work), you need to watch the video.  Hint:  the cause has to do with a tiny part of your brain called the Amygdala, also known as the Lizard Brain.

Enjoy the video!

So, before you leave, remember this one thing.  “Shipping” is the money making ideas secret.

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