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ScanLister by Ben Mannino


Got books, CDs, DVDs, or Video Games?  Then you’re in business!  The used book business is a $6 BILLION a year industry, and about 50% of that comes from online sales…and it’s growing.

The  days of manually listing books, DVDs, CDs and Video Games are over.  This is a HUGE time saver!  You get a piece of instantly downloadable  software that let’s you organize all your inventory data, then list it on Half.com (eBay’s sister company) with the click of a button.

Best option to get (if coupon code below is still valid) is Option #3.  It includes the software, scanner, and an eBook called “Secrets of How I Made $4000 My First Month Selling on Half.com” by Marijo Jilek.    She made that impressive $4,000 WITHOUT this (TIME SAVING)” ScanLister!! You also get a scanner shipped to you as well (but you can start using the software and listing right away by just entering the barcode or ISBN number manually).

There are videos that cover Installation, Inventory, and Listing Items. 

Check out the video to see how ScanLister works.


*You love coming up with creative, descriptive, keyword rich ads with lots of cool photos that set you apart from the rest.  Unique photos get you noticed.
*You like to make big money on one sale.  This business cashes in by volume selling.                                                                                                                                           *You don’t like to ship items.


*You want to involve your kids in your business…if they can scan a bar code.
*You don’t mind just focusing on media, i.e. books, DVDs, CDs, and Video Games.  Half.com is simple and straight forward so you are not going to utilize any creativity and copy writing skills you may have.
*You sold media on eBay before.  You’ll find Half.com way easier to list your product.  Great for the type of person with “no patience.”  You’ll get this business up running FAST, especially if you had experience with eBay!

GUARANTY: 60 Day Money Back Guaranty

COST: $67 for Complete Package 

TIP: If you are a member over at Jim Cockrum’s My Silent Team DO NOT purchase this on his site.  You should have a $30 discount in the Bonus Pool . (among all the other free products there).

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